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Google Chrome is one of the most popular Internet browsers for most Android and iOS devices. In fact, many users prefer Chrome on such desktop platforms as PC and Mac as well. Mobile Chrome has some of the features of its desktop version like Omnibox and tabs. Omnibox is a universal line for page addresses, history and bookmark searching. You needn’t download Google Chrome as it’s a built-in option for most mobile devices. In our Google Chrome review, we’ll prove this browser is one of the most reliable and secure ones.

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Graphics — 5/5

The simplest graphics you’ve ever met. Just enter your search query in the Google search bar or use Ok Google voice command to find everything you need. Under the bar you’ll see articles, news and content you might like. Choose the topics you are interested in and be in touch with the latest events.

Features — 5/5

Google Chrome version for iOS and Android has a few new features. The developers added a lower toolbar with access to frequently used functions and updated tabs’ view. The preview now shows pages opened on other devices. iOS version was added with added 3D Touch. With a click on the application icon, you will see a list of possible actions. Your bank card information may be entered into Chrome and will automatically sync with Google Pay.

Confidential private surfing mode enables you to stay incognito without saving your history. Zooming is carried out without noticeable delays even on resources overloaded with graphics and animation.

Controls — 5/5

The browser can boast intuitive interface and convenient navigation. Google has a high-quality synchronization mechanism between all devices using the browser (tablet, smartphone, and PC) with an ability to compress and control traffic, which significantly reduces the load on the network. Another feature of the Chrome browser is the Okay Google voice search integration. All requests can be entered using spoken commands, and the voice-analyzer robot quickly adapts to the features of your pronunciation and speech. Chrome developers also added accessibility features of several tabs for easy navigation between several websites.

Replay Value — 5/5

We search for information every day. Although it’s not a game, the browser’s replay value is obvious. Google Chrome became one and only browser for millions of users.

The Bottom Line

Chrome for Android and iOS is one of the best tools for everyday use. Download Google Chrome now and see for yourself.




Google is the leader in the mobile web surfing software. It provides users with excellent speed, compatibility with advanced web technologies and extra settings.

Pros : High speed;
Easy managing of tabs;
Synchronization with all your devices;
Instant translation of websites;
A Siri Shortcut (voice search);
Minimum freezes and lags;
Support of Bluetooth API and Google Pay;
Autofill passwords;
Mobile traffic economy;
Saving of pages for offline reading.

Cons : A high load on the RAM;
Some problems with WordPress.

Functionality 5

Design 5

Usability 5

Cross-platform use 5

Average : 5.0


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  • How to delete my browsing data in the Google Chrome app?

    Launch the Chrome app. Tap More > Settings. Under “Advanced” you’ll find Privacy > Clear browsing data. Then, you’ll have to tap the drop-down menu under "Clear data from the" at the top of the screen. You can also set a time period, choose the types of information you need to remove. To finish this process, tap Clear data.

  • Can I add the extensions on my smartphone or tablet?

    No, they are available on computers only.

  • How to manage my location sharing on the Google Chrome app?

    Launch the app, and tap More > Settings. Select Site settings > Location. You’ll see a blue slider at the top. Tap on it to allow or block all sites from accessing your current location. You can also choose the specific blocked or allowed sites to manage exceptions.

  • Where can I download Chrome Browser app for my mobile phone?

    You can download the Chrome Browser app from official app store of your mobile platform. Google Play Store offers the app for Android smartphones, and App Store offers this app for iPhones and iPads. Links on both stores are available behind the “Get App” sign.

  • What are the requirements for Chrome Browser Android app?

    To download Chrome Browser for Android phone, visit its page on Google Play Store. Before you tap the button, check whether your phone has at least 171.64 M of empty space. That is all that you actually need. This app is compatible with various Android versions. Don’t forget to stay connected while downloading the app.

  • What do I need for Chrome Browser iOS app?

    Originally, Chrome Browser was made for Android users and now became available on App Store. To download it you need to have 11.0 iOS system or later and 74.2 MB of empty space. Besides iPhone, it is also compatible with iPad and iPod Touch.

  • Can I download Chrome Browser apk from official website?

    Yes, you can download Chrome Browser from the website if you want. The app is free and easy to install.

  • Do I need to register myself during Chrome Browser install process?

    To use all the services that Chrome Browser offers you, you need to have your own account. This way you will be able to make bookmarks, skip never ending password requirements from various websites and receive messages from your email.

  • Is Chrome Browser free to download?

    Yes, Chrome Browser is free of charge app. And despite being completely free, this app does not contain annoying ads that appear on your screen.

  • Can I use this portal for Chrome Browser download?

    No, Allapps.World does not offer downloading services for free or for money. We share reviews on the apps and games here. If you want the link on direct page of the app on the app store we trust, go to the “Get App” section.

  • What do I do if Chrome Browser not working?

    If the app does not work check the Internet connection at first. Reload Chrome Browser app and your phone. If nothing helps, contact the support team of the Chrome Browser.

  • What is the Chrome Browser latest version for iOS?

    The latest version of Chrome Browser app that is now available on App Store is 76.0.3809.123. It was updates on August 19, 2019.

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