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PS4 Remote Play is a highly convenient application that allows you to connect your Sony smartphone, Windows PC, Mac or PS Vita to your PS4 via local WiFi network. It means that you don’t need a TV to play great exclusive games for PlayStation. Download PS4 Remote Play for your Sony Android Smartphone, iOS devices, Mac OS or Windows and enjoy God of War, Uncharted and other great games from anywhere.

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Functionality – 5/5

PS4 Remote Play free app is designed to make all your devices compatible with your home gaming console remotely. Its main function is to provide a stable connection between devices. It also makes your gadget compatible with PS4 Bluetooth controller. Voice chats in multiplayer games are also available.

Design – 5/5

PlayStation software is always beautiful, so is PS4 Remote Play app. It sticks to the brand design guidelines. However, the look of this application doesn’t really matter because you will use it only to set the connection. After that, you will only see the actual interface of your gaming console and purchased games.

Usability – 4/5

PS4 Remote Play latest version received multiple bug fixes and a lower necessary speed of broadband connection. Now, you can play even via a good 4G network. However, that’s not a very good idea due to high prices on mobile data. Official PS4 Remote Play instruction says that it’s better to use this app only when all other devices are idle as they may take too big amounts of bandwidth. It means that you probably won’t receive a good framerate if you want to watch Netflix and play at the same time. The same inconvenience may occur in public places with broadband access, so it’s not the best idea to try PS4 Remote Play in cafes or bars.

Cross-platform use – 4/5

This specification of PS4 Remote Play is quite strange. The point is that it is available for all major operating system, but Android version works on Sony smartphones only. Therefore, you can’t play on Android tablets because Sony doesn’t have one! Fortunately, in cases with iOS, Mac Os, and Windows everything works just fine.

In-app purchases

It would be a mockery to include any kinds of in-app purchases into this utility. You can only use PlayStation Store payments to purchase games far from home. This option is a great finding of this PS4 Remote Play review because many games take many hours to be downloaded and installed.

The Bottom Line

PS4 Remote Play is a very good option for gamers who would like to stay connected to their PS4 consoles during holidays, coffee breaks or business trips. Sadly, it requires very high-speed internet, but it’s better than nothing. There’s no such app for Xbox One, so there is a reason for pride!



Download PS4 Remote Play if you want to carry your PS4 around and play in public places during brakes and faraway journeys.

Pros : Play PS4 on smartphones and laptops away from home;
Voice chats are available via the gamepad;
Easy to set up.

Cons : Very high bandwidth is advisable;
Android version works with Xperia only.

Functionality 5

Design 5

Usability 4

Cross-platform use 4

Average : 4.5


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  • Can I download PS4 Remote Play for free?

    Yes, it is a free app.

  • Where can I download PS4 Remote Play?

    You can download it on the App Store, Google Play and on the official website.

  • What is the latest PS4 Remote Play APK version of 2018?

    PS4 remote play APK 2018 2.7.0.

  • What do I need to install the PS4 Remote Play App on my Android?

    You need Android device running Android 4.4 or higher, WiFi-connection, PS4 with remote play activated in rest mode and PS4 Controller.

  • Is PS4 Remote Play available for PC?

    Yes, it is.

  • Is PS4 Remote Play 2.7.0 available for Android?

    Yes, it is.

  • Can I download the PS4 Remote Play app on an Android device?

    Yes, you can download it on Google Play.

  • Can I use Remote Play on Windows 7?

    Yes, there are some methods. Check how to do it on the Internet.

  • Can I download the PS4 Remote Play app on my phone?

    Yes, you can. You are able to download the PS4 Remote Play app on your Android or iOS phone from the official app stores of these platforms. Pick the one that you use and follow our links on the app stores by tapping the “Get app” button.

  • Do I need WiFi connection for PS4 Remote Play Android app?

    Yes, you need WiFi connection for downloading PS4 Remote Play Android app and for the work via the app.

  • What are the requirements for PS4 Remote Play iOS app?

    You can download the PS4 Remote Play app from App Store. To do this you have to meet the requirements of the app. Your phone must have 12.1 iOS system or later and at least 19,1 MB of empty memory space. The app is compatible with iPod touch as well.

  • Can I download PS4 Remote Play apk from with website?

    No, you can’t. This is a giant catalog of different useful apps and interesting games for mobile platforms. We offer advanced reviews with tips, but we don’t sell games or apps. We gathered direct links on PS4 Remote Play pages at mobile app stores. Use them to get to the downloading process quicker.

  • Do I need to register myself to finish the PS4 Remote Play install process?

    Yes, you need to have an account on PlayStation Network. If you don’t have any, there is no point in downloading this app. Enter your data and start using the app.

  • Is PS4 Remote Play free app?

    Yes, PS4 Remote Play app is completely free. It does not offer any in-app purchases and it does not contain annoying ads. However, to use this app you need to be a member of the PlayStation community.

  • Are there any age limitations for PS4 Remote Play download?

    There are age limitations, but they are barely significant. You can download the app starting from 4 years old. It is doubtful that you want to download the PS4 Remote Play app in 3 years old or younger.

  • What can I do if PS4 Remote Play not working?

    PS4 Remote Play app has good and professional support team. You are welcome to contact them via PS4 Remote Play official website or social media. Before you do this, check the Internet connection, phone, and app to expel the possibility of inner problems.

  • Where can I download PS4 Remote Play latest version?

    The latest version of PS4 Remote Play may be available on the same page where you have downloaded the previous one. Once it is released, go to the app store and check whether you can use the “Update” button.

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