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What’s Up is the app that gives you the answers on the most worrying topics. Here you can find articles and materials that may inspire you for changes, or, on the contrary, keep you from breaking apart. Download What’s Up (not to be confused with WhatsApp), and make your life more conscious!

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Functionality 4/5

Well, all this app is about is giving you materials to read. It’s up to you to do the reading, to acknowledge what you have just read, to accept or decline the ideas it declares or implies. Each day the resource the app delivers publishes one or more articles about treating your life and yourself consciously. All these articles are delivered to you.

Design 4/5

The main thing about design when it comes to text-centered app is readability. It’s not quite sure whether white texts on a dark background are always good, but if your phone screen is AMOLED, you’ll appreciate. Anyway, you have no option of more traditional displaying, black on white. Any article has a photo attached, and it can be viewed separately. It lacks flexibility but is not that terrible.

Usability 5/5

First of all, the topics the app delivers are very useful. How to stop reliving the past? How does the money flow between people? How to understand your customers if you’re doing business? What question should you ask yourself this New Year? Does daily thinking of death make man happy? All these and many other questions arise in the articles the authors dare to uncover. And thinking about these matters is really useful.

As for the app, it’s just a magazine, after all. It delivers you the articles, you read them. What can go wrong? And what else can one wish? In fact, the app, with just this core, is more than this. First of all, any article you read in it has been first published on one of the projects – Tiny Buddha, Zen Habits, and The Idea Monk. Each of these projects is led by its author, and you can read articles by each of them separately. You can visit the site to read what else is there if you want to read more than the app has.

The articles that you find the most useful or helpful can be marked as Favorites. The Favorites section will appear in the left menu column. The app also shows you the unread materials and sync them with the sites, delivering all new ones.

Cross-Platform Use 3/5

This very app is only available for Android, though there are separate Zen Habits apps for both Android and iOS. On the other hand, it only requires Android 4.2, and it means most phones and tablets currently in use are compatible with it. Anyway, there are sites that the app fetches the articles from. And you can open them in any browser, on any platform, though you will lack notifications and bookmarks from the app.

In-App Purchases 

All the information delivered by The Idea Monk and other resources is here for free, as well as all the other materials on the sites (though the app features some ads). But if you think that information is only precious when you pay for it, you can visit sites in search of paid programs by its participants, and you will find enough.

The Bottom Line

It’s a great magazine on how to bring more conscience, illumination, harmony and happiness into your life. All the articles are written in simple language, with easy examples, familiar situations, and unexpected views you may want to try. Well, that’s what the app is for.



If you like to meet new ideas and practice those you think promising, download What’s Up, and you’ll have lots of new ideas to acknowledge. Maybe that’s the way to illumination.

Pros : Lots of useful and interesting articles;
Favorites system;
Syncing with source sites;
Decent readability.

Cons : Only for Android;
Syncing sometimes fails.

Functionality 4

Design 4

Usability 5

Cross-platform use 3

Average : 4.0


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