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Simple Radio is a free app that allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations. Download Simple Radio to enjoy thousands of radio stations for free.

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Functionality 5/5

Simple Radio apk provides you with access to thousands of radio stations all around the world that you can discover via a built-in tuner. There is an option to save every station you like to your list of favorites to access them later with just one tap on the screen. The app also allows you to look for specific content that matches your interests: you can use it to listen to the music of particular genres, to look for sports broadcasts, and even to enjoy your favorite talk shows.

Design 5/5

The design of Simple Radio is simple indeed, and in this case, it’s definitely an advantage. The menus are easy to navigate, and almost every feature is accessible literally with just a tap. The tuner is very comfortable, too: it allows you to look for any radio station pretty fast. The Simple Radio app could still use some improvements like an option to remind yourself about upcoming broadcasts you’ve been waiting for, but overall the interface is just great.

Usability 5/5

Simple Radio has just a couple of important features, but they work exceptionally well. Whether you want to learn a foreign language or listen to live broadcasts from sports events, the app allows you to do it easily. And the overall user experience is very satisfying. The only problem is that the app has a lot of ads, but if you are tired of them, you can just purchase the premium version.

Cross-platform use 5/5

This app is designed to work only on Apple devices like iPhones and iPads because it’s the Simple Radio iOS version. However, if you want to use it on your Android-based device, you can easily find the Simple Radio Android version online. There are even different versions of this app for other operating systems out there, so you just have to find it.

In-app purchases

Simple Radio is free to enjoy, and there are almost no restrictions for a free user. You can access every station available, store as many of them as you want in your favorites, and so on. But if you use the free version, the app will frequently show you ads that can be quite annoying at times. You can purchase an unlimited version for as much as $4 to get rid of ads – and to get the Sleep Timer feature that helps you fall asleep while listening to your favorite stations.

The Bottom Line

Simple Radio review couldn’t possibly be more positive – this app does just about everything it can to provide you with the most comfortable experience. And the developers improve the app frequently, so even the most insignificant bugs get fixed eventually.



Simple Radio is definitely one of the best apps of its kind. Download Simple Radio and listen to your favorite radio stations everywhere you go.

Pros : Simple yet functional;
Great minimalistic design;
Thousands of stations to discover;
Convenient and powerful tuner.

Cons : Free version has ads;
Occasional minor bugs.

Functionality 5

Design 5

Usability 5

Cross-platform use 5

Average : 5.0


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