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YouTube Music is a smart and convenient app for music lovers which lets you watch music videos and listen to music from an endless catalog collection. As you listen to more tracks, it will recognize your taste and suggest you content according to your preferences.

With YouTube Music, you will be able to access videos from your favorite artists as well as amateur recordings. There is a catalog of more than 50 million songs featured both as video and audio-only clips.

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Functionality 4,5/5

The YouTube Music app lets you explore plenty of great music and create your perfect playlists. Besides, it features personalized stations according to your tastes, as well as concert footage and live recordings.

Each song starts a non-stop station with the tracks ranging from new artists to classical music and everything in between. So, YouTube Music has it all — official video clips, covers, remixes, playlists, and so on.

Design 5/5

YouTube Music has typical YouTube design with some slight changes. It has a dark interface with three tabs on top: Home Page, Trends, and Likes. So, you can easily swipe between them looking for the music you like.

The simple and intuitive interface lets you browse the app effortlessly.

Usability 4,5/5

YouTube Music provides a fast way to play songs you might be interested in. On the app’s home screen, the “My station” option will automatically start playing a selection of music based on your music history on YouTube and any music content you have “liked” before. So, if you have a long Youtube history, it will help the app recommend you better songs right off the bat.

As you scroll down, you’ll see the genre-based stations like hip-hop, indie, alternative, jazz, and so on. And they are all created based on your previous YouTube activity. Playing any song recommended to you will start a station based on the artist — that’s all part of the app’s focus on keeping the music playing continuously once you give it a go.

Each station is customizable, depending on what range of music genres and artists you want to listen to. There is a three-stage slider you can adjust — moving to the left, you get more music from the artist you are listening to or more closely related to the genre. As you move it to the right, you get more adventures options which might be outside your listening wheelhouse.

There are also persistent thumbs up and thumbs down buttons for rating each track and video you listened to. This way Youtube Music helpfully collects anything you like in the separate tab, so you can easily return to them later.

Since it is YouTube, there is an obvious focus on video content. Officially released videos will play along with officially released songs, if you are a YouTube Red subscriber, you will be able to switch between video and audio-only mode which you can play in the background doing other stuff on your phone.

The audio-only mode is smart enough to pull a more appropriate version of the song to listen on headphones than in the music video. So, you won’t hear the cinematic version, but rather the song as it is on the official album.

The downsides of the YouTube music app is that it doesn’t let you create offline playlists and contains lots of annoying ads if you don’t buy a YouTube Red subscription.

Cross-platform use 5/5

YouTube Music is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Android users will need a version 4.1 and up, and iPhones, iPad, or iPod touch need to have iOS 8.0 or later.

In-app purchases

You can subscribe to YouTube Red for $7.99 via Youtube Music and get a few other benefits using the app. You get access to audio-only playback, and completely ad-free version of the app, plus the feature called the Offline Mix Tape.

Offline Mix Tape is a playlist that automatically updates every day and saves to your device’s storage. You can decide how much space it will use and whether it will be audio only or include videos as well.

Then, the selection of music will change and sync to your phone daily so that you always get fresh songs even when you don't have an internet connection. All the songs will be chosen by your listening activity and what you've liked.


Without a paid subscription, Youtube Music is not that satisfying. Most of the content are prefaced by ads, and there is no background listening. However, it remains an excellent app to delve in more deeply and take some unexpected turns.

With YouTube Red, it becomes an entirely different experience that is perfectly capable of matching Spotify. It delivers the offline access, background listening, the audio-only mode that all make YouTube Music a compelling proposition.



YouTube Music is a great app for music lovers that focuses on video content.

Pros : More than 50 million songs, both as video and audio-only clips;
Smooth interface;
Sync between devices;
Quality recommendation;
Background listening with paid subscription.

Cons : Filled with ads if you don’t have a paid subscription;
No background listening without the subscription.

Functionality 4.5

Design 5

Usability 4.5

Cross-platform use 5

Average : 4.8


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