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Adobe Photoshop Mix is one more of Adobe’s specialized apps, along with Photoshop Fix and others. This one is meant for blending images, with primary processing of any of them. Download Adobe Photoshop Mix for Android or iOS and experience the power of Mix on your mobile!

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Functionality 4/5

Though this app can be used for processing separate images, there are better solutions for that. Mix is meant for blending two or more images into one. It has tools for resizing any picture, cropping elements of any shape, blending them automatically and smoothening the transitions. With this app you can create funny collages right in your mobile; but Internet connection is required for all cloud-based operations and for downloading extra apps if necessary.

Design 5/5

Adobe knows how to make mobile apps. Instead of endless panels all around the editing area, we have a row of icons below the image you edit. As you select and apply some effect, you see the change immediately, so you can undo it with one tap and select another effect. The icons of effects are clear and standard, for you to recognize the one you need even without reading texts.

Usability 4/5

As you start Photoshop Mix for the first time, it demonstrates a tutorial on cutting out images, merging and using masks, and, of course, applying filters. That’s all you need to know for the start; the app is easy to learn if you try. It doesn’t require a super powerful device (though performance matters): most operations are lightning fast even on devices of 2016.

It may take longer than you expect to upload your work to Creative Cloud. But it seems the only issue we noticed. We must also admit that you cannot grant precision in cutting out fragments if you use your finger, or even a regular capacitive stylus. It requires a special stylus: for iPhone or iPad users it should be Apple Pencil, and Samsung Note users already have the best one available. The others need to get the generic one, for example, by Adonit.

Cross-Platform Use 5/5

There are versions of Photoshop Mix for iOS and Android. Both require a Creative Cloud account by Adobe, so you can easily switch between platforms, with your results saved in the cloud (users of the dree version have 2GB, and can purchase more). The app also uses lots of cloud processing, though it can require unlinking layers and breaking links between images established by projects on your device.

In-App Purchases

The app is available for free; yet it offers you the Creative Cloud app for purchasing more cloud storage. It also advertises more apps by Adobe, like Photoshop Express Studio, Photoshop Fix, and so on. These self-ads are, luckily, the only ads you will see in the app; but as they appear right when you need them for some certain operations, they are rather recommendations than ads. And, again, you will need a stylus for higher precision.

The Bottom Line

If you want to, say, substitute your photo to your friend party reportage, Photoshop Mix is quite an option for your mobile device.



Photoshop Mix is a great powerful tool for blending photos; but probably after you download Adobe Photoshop Mix, you’ll need other Adobe apps, and you’ll have no choice but becoming a pro.

Pros : Lots of tools to perfect your blended photos;
Built-in tutorial;
Other apps by Adobe integrated;
Creative Cloud supported;
Not very demanding to hardware.

Cons : Requires a stylus for precise cutouts;
Issues with access to Creative Cloud.

Functionality 4

Design 5

Usability 4

Cross-platform use 5

Average : 4.5


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