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Snapseed is an app that helps to edit photos with 29 special filters and tools. Millions of users across the world have already found its similarity with Photoshop CC, after Snapseed downloading. The app is for devoted photographers who ready to spend the time on making the best image possible.

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Functionality – 5/5

Snapseed iOS supports 140 RAW formats. It was originally made for professional photographers, oriented on the perfection of even smallest details. However, the app captures everyone’s attention, who finds the whole process of photo transformation fascinating. There are numerous reshaping, masking, color improving, increasing the range of exposure tools, filters, brushes. You can edit photo layer by layer in Stack, including correcting of text on the photo.

Snapseed developers add new tools to its arsenal constantly. Recently they revealed new exposure dialog Curves and Expand option, which helps to enlarge your photos. Be careful with the last one, as to make the image bigger it takes the edges of the existing photo and drags it to the size you want. It would be much better if these edges were filled with blue sky, dark roads or grass.

Design – 4/5

Snapseed app is a somewhat complicated set of tools. However, it has an intuitive design. The central part of the screen belongs to the image you want to improve, which makes it even easier than complicated Photoshop menu. All settings are located in the lower bar. To use the tools, just tap on the icon Tools and select one that you need from the popped up menu. The buttons are signed up for your convenience.

Usability – 5/5

Snapseed is packed with numerous features to make the life of any photographer and amateur easier. One of the most popular tools in the app is Face Pose. It allows you to tilt and pan portrait to change the pose of the person on the photo. You can also correct the length type of focal distortions. Remember that it works with one face on the photo only and maps it into the 3D model, so you can add more color to the eyes or smile, improve the nose separately, according to official Snapseed review.

Snapseed is not very hard to use. You will train your gestures to edit photos in no time. The app is all about gestures. To select the contrast, brightness, ambiance, contrast, warmth, shadows, saturation, and highlights you need to swipe high or low tools in Tone. To decrease or increase the intensity of effects you have to swipe right or left. To resize brushed use pinching. There are lots of video tutorials from professional photographers who already got familiar with Snapseed. You need to watch them before moving forward.

Cross-platform use – 4/5

After the recent update, Snapseed supports iPhone X. It requires iOS 9.0 version or later. The app is compatible with iOS devices like iPod, iPad, and iPhone. For owners of Android, there is also good news, as the 2.17 version of the app can be downloaded on your smartphone devices. It supports DNG files on Android.  Snapseed does not have any sharing options on its own, but the results of its work can be shared through other installed on the phone apps, like Instagram or Facebook for example. You can also send photos via messaging systems.

In-app purchases

The Snapseed is a completely free app for all iOS users, who have enough space on the phone and the system that fits the demands. Your phone needs to have a solid Internet connection once you will share your photos with others. It weights 99.6 MB and requires one of the latest iOS systems, so you may consider making several upgrades and adding more free features on your phone if it supports the app.

The Bottom Line

Unlike many other photo editors available in the market, Snapseed gathered all possible tools you may need at your work. By far, it is the most serious photo editing app that exists. You still need to watch tutorials on how to use it like a pro, but after a while, you will really appreciate this tool. Besides the fact that it is helpful, the Snapseed free download makes it simply the best.




Snapseed is the app that brings your photos on the new level of greatness. It takes time to learn how to use it after you download Snapseed from the Apple store.

Pros : Numerous editing tools;
Professional approach;
Free of charge.

Cons : You’ll need to learn how to use it;
Some processes are slow.

Functionality 5

Design 4

Usability 5

Cross-platform use 4

Average : 4.5


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