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WeTransfer is the app that helps you to gather all the brilliant ideas, content you want to use or remember from other apps in one place. You can visualize your plans, ideas, and to-do lists on the board that WeTransfer download offers you. The app is the most needed tools for visual thinkers and creative people.

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Functionality – 5/5

Basically, WeTransfer app provides the fastest and easiest way to transfer online files, save them and use on your phone. It does not require any registration. Unlike many similar services, WeTransfer review says that its main benefit is in the size of files that can be transferred through it. The maximum size is 2 GB, which allows sending videos, photos, music, and so on.

After all the content was downloaded, you can organize it onto the boards. You can share your content with others, add users to see the boards without any registration. This is the perfect way to express yourself.

Design – 5/5

WeTransfer app has a beautiful and simple design. You will see the items you collected as the icons on your screen. You may choose to listen or watch them by tapping on the one you currently need. The background is white which helps you to focus on the colorful images of your own files. Scroll up and down to see all the content. Press the button Boards, next to My Items, and you will see the collages which you can sign according to their main idea.

Usability – 4/5

This app can help writers to overstep their writing block, artists create their new masterpieces, businessmen to remember their daily tasks. However, there is a special place in the heart of every devoted traveler for WeTransfer. If you still don’t know how to make your future trip painless and pleasant, follow these steps:

  • Go to the app and open Boards, press create it;
  • Find the maps with the best restaurants and drag to the app;
  • Check the best places to stay;
  • Find the most beautiful places you want to visit;
  • Download music for the trip;
  • Share your ideas with your friends, by sending them direct invitations from the app to this board.

Now your friends can also make suggestions, decorate the board with ideas, and so on. And no one is actually needed to be registered here. The board will be saved, and you can keep it for as long as you need it. Go to your trip, come back, and download all the videos and photos you made. Now you can start building plans for the next trip on another board.

Cross-platform use – 5/5

This app is actually really compatible with other services. Besides working great on any Android device with the system 5.0 and higher, it can also work with iOS and Mac products. It does not require any other apps to communicate and send messages to social media or on personal email. There is a button Share in the app that allows you to send and receive messages and content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

In-app purchases

WeTransfer free offer is what makes this app great. However, it also has a paid version for $12 in a month for extended premium services. In the free version, you will see advertisements for other services, you are limited to 2GB size and can’t create your personal account. In the premium version, you are able to use the 20GB size of files, store 100GB data and create your own account on the official website.

The Bottom Line

WeTransfer Android app is a good deal, whether you are using free or extended paid options. It saves your files, transfers them wherever you want and helps you to organize your daily routine and build plans. You may try its free options at first before you decided whether or not you need bigger storage. Invite your friends to be creative together and visualize your future. This app gives inspiration for artists across the world.



WeTransfer is much more than simple storage or transfer service. Downloading WeTransfer you enter the world of possibilities to express yourself visually.

Pros : 2GB files can be transferred,
Creative boards,
Social media compatibility.

Cons : Ads in the free version,
The paid version offers 20GB memory.

Functionality 5

Design 5

Usability 4

Cross-platform use 5

Average : 4.8


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  • How do you use Wetransfer to transfer files?

    I usually add files by clicking the big + button, add the address I want to send it to and add my address. And I`m good to go.

  • Can I download Wetransfer for PC?

    Yes, you can find tutorials on the Internet.

  • How to upload files on Wetransfer?

    Click Add files, and search for your files. Once you've found them, click Open to add them to your WeTransfer.

  • Is Wetransfer a free app?

    WeTransfer has a free plan and a paid subscription plan (called WeTransfer Plus) that costs $12 per month.

  • Can I send large files online for free with WeTransfer?

    Yes, of course.

  • How to use Wetransfer app?

    At first, install and open the app. Then, Select the photos and videos you want to send. Send the files. Finally, Upload files. The transfer is done.

  • Where can I find Wetransfer support?

    You can find it on Wetransfer official website.

  • Is Wetransfer plus free?

    No, it costs $12 per month.

  • Do I need to sign in to use Wetransfer?

    No, you don't need to sign in.

  • Where can I download Wetransfer app for free?

    You can download it on App Store, Google Play and on the official website of the app.

  • Can I download Wetransfer on my mobile?

    Yes, you can download it on App Store, Google Play and on the official website of the app.

  • Where are my transferred files saved after downloading?

    They could be in your computer's Downloads folder.

  • Where can I download the WeTransfer app for my mobile phone?

    You can download the WeTransfer app from Google Play Store or App Store according to your phone’s platform. You will find links on direct pages at the store here, under the “Get App” button.

  • What do I need to download the WeTransfer Android app?

    To download the WeTransfer app for Android you have to go to the Google Play Store and find app’s page. If you don’t want to search, use the link on our website. You need to have at least 5.0 Android system for this app and 8,3 M of empty space to start the downloading process.

  • How can I download the WeTransfer iOS app?

    Go to the App Store and find WeTransfer there. Press “Download”. You need to have 11.0 iOS system or later and 43.7 MB of free memory space. The app is compatible with the iPod touch as well.

  • Is this WeTransfer apk compatible with social media?

    Yes, WeTransfer has the button “Share” inside. You can share all the materials and messages with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter users.

  • Do I need to stay online after the WeTransfer install process is over?

    Yes, you need a reliable Internet connection. You will have to use it while working in this app to download content, exchange messages, share files with friends, etc.

  • Is WeTransfer free of charge app?

    Yes, WeTransfer is completely free of charge. It offers in-app purchases if you need extended options.

  • Are there free torrents to start WeTransfer download?

    It is very possible that you can find free torrents to download WeTransfer. However, the app is free of charge, and all the official app stores offer it for free. You don’t have to risk your phone’s safety to download the app.

  • What can I do if WeTransfer not working?

    If WeTransfer is not working, try to restart the app, reload your phone and check the Internet connection. If everything works well except this app, connect the support team of WeTransfer.

  • Where can I find WeTransfer latest version?

    Once it is released, the WeTransfer app latest version will be available on the app store’s page where you have downloaded the original one.

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