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Facebook Lite is a lite version of Facebook application. Here you will be able to use all the main app features. Developers released this application especially for weak Android devices that cannot run Facebook app properly. Some devices may lag or turn off while using Facebook. Facebook Lite is a perfect choice in case you have a weak device but still want to surf this social network. You can download Facebook Lite for free.

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Facebook Lite Functionality — 5/5

In this Lite Facebook version you will be able to use only main app features. First of all, you will be able to see your friend list. The app will also show you the friends that are currently online. You can chat with them or create a conversation by adding a few friends to the chat. You can do that by pressing the + button that is located at the bottom right of your screen.

You are able to manage your Facebook profile. You can change the profile picture, indicate the place where you study or work. You can also look through your or your friend's photos. You can also get notifications about your friends comments. To check the notification list, tap the BELL icon that is located on the top of the application. You can also share your stories with your friends, watch the news feed. Facebook Lite app should not lag on weak devices because developers did their best to reduce the app's size and content so the application could work properly.

Facebook Lite Design — 5/5

In Facebook Lite you will see a usual Facebook design. The top line is blue, and the rest of the interface is white. The interface is comfortable and you will surely get used to it. All the buttons are clearly visible and the text is highlighted.

Facebook Lite Usability — 4/5

Facebook Lite provides us with the promised content. You can watch the news, look through your friend list, and talk to them. However, there may be some issues. For example, users report about the incorrect work of the news feed. Some posts do not appear correctly, the latest posts appear more often than the new ones. Sometimes you may see the same notifications a few times. That is also one of the disadvantages.

Facebook Lite Cross-platform use — 5/5

You can download Facebook Lite for free on Android and iOS devices. The app works perfectly on these devices. In addition, Facebook synchronizes your data, so if you add someone to your friend list or write a message to someone, you will be able to see changes in your account even on other devices.

Facebook Lite In-app purchases

You are able to perform purchases with the help of Facebook Marketplace. In Facebook Marketplace users can sell their goods. However, there are certain rules about selling and buying. You can get more information on the official Facebook website.

The Bottom Line

We recommend you to download Facebook Lite application. The app provides you with all the promised content. It is the light version of Facebook application. Its size is much smaller, and this app will surely run even on weak devices.



We hope that this Facebook review was helpful and recommend you to download the application especially if you are an owner of a weak Android device.

Pros : The main Facebook functions remain the same;
Simple interface;
Weak devices can run the application.

Cons : Users report about some problems with the news feed or notifications.

Functionality 5

Design 5

Usability 4

Cross-platform use 5

Average : 4.8


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  • How to add or change my page's profile picture?

    Open your page and tap the profile picture. Select Upload Photo to choose a photo from your gallery or take a photo using the camera. Drag the photo to reposition it and tap Done.

  • Can I retrieve deleted messages on the Facebook Lite app?

    No, it's not possible. If you don't want to lose the message forever and just hide it, then archive the message.

  • How to send a private message to a Page on the Facebook Lite app?

    Open the Page you want to message. Below the Page's cover photo, tap the Message icon. Write something and tap Send. If you can't find the way to message a Page, then the Page may have turned off this feature.

  • Can I download the Facebook Lite app for my mobile phone?

    Yes, you can download Facebook Lite app from the app store on your phone. Depending on the mobile platform you have, you can visit either the Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS. Links are available in the “Get App” section here. We also put the link on the official website, where you can find the app as well.

  • How to download Facebook Lite Android app?

    You can download Facebook Lite app for Android from Google Play Store, if your phone matches the requirements of the app. This app is not demanding, and is compatible with almost all Android versions. All you need is 1.45 M of empty space on it and reliable WiFi.

  • How can I download the Facebook Lite iOS app?

    Go to the App Store. The app weighs almost nothing and does not require much. You need to have 9.0 iOS system and 19.2 MB of empty space. The app is compatible with iPod Touch and iPad as well.

  • Are there age limitations for Facebook Lite apk?

    Yes, there are. The app can be downloaded on your phone only if you are 12 years old and up. Before that, you can use the app under parental control. The app may contain references on alcohol, tobacco or drug use, crude humor, mature themes, nudity, and so on.

  • Do I need to register my profile during Facebook Lite install process?

    If you don’t have your account on Facebook, there is no point in this app. You have to create your profile to enjoy this social media.

  • Is Facebook Lite free of charge?

    Yes, Facebook Lite is completely free of charge. It offers in-app purchases as well.

  • Why can’t I use this website for Facebook Lite download?

    You can’t use this website to download apps or games because we don’t sell them or offer for free. This website is a catalog of games and apps with detailed reviews and information. We offer links on direct pages of the apps from app stores we trust.

  • What can I do when Facebook Lite not working?

    When Facebook Lite does not work, contact support group via Facebook Lite official website. Before you do this, check whether the problem is not with your own phone or Internet.

  • What is the Facebook Lite latest version for iOS? Where can I find it?

    The latest version of Facebook Lite app for iOS phones is 160.0. It was released on August 21, 2019. It is available for download on the page of Facebook Lite on App Store.

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