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Google Home is a smart home command center featuring a quickly evolving software and hardware ecosystem which you can customize freely. Download Google Home and control all your devices from one place.

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Functionality — 4/5

The latest version of the Google Home app allows you to organize and manage any compatible devices including lights, cameras and TVs. Its main goal is to make your life easier, and it really achieves this goal by combining many different functions that can be controlled easily with a smart speaker. But your phrasing must be precise, and some of Google’s own services are still unavailable. So there are still some functions to be added yet.

Design — 4/5

The design is really nice. You can control just about anything in your house with one phrase or a tap on your phone, and there are shortcuts for the things you do the most, like playing your favorite songs or turning your thermostat off when you leave. And you can choose different options for every room in your house, so Google Home is really flexible. But in the current version of this app, you can’t call a specific room, and there are some other minor problems.

Usability — 4/5

Google Home makes your home really smart because you can do just about anything just by talking to smart speakers. But one of the most common problems with that is recognition difficulties. If you ask your question using different words or a different tone, you risk getting completely different answer. That means sometimes you have to repeat your request over and over or browse the app manually to get what you want.

So the app isn’t perfect yet, but Google continues to work on it and other adjacent technologies, like the voice assistant technology or some additional hardware options. The app already supports many different functions, like communicating with Netflix and other streaming services. The main question is whether you want to wait for Google to improve its service or just go and try some competing smart home controllers.

Cross-platform use — 3/5

Of course, Google Home has not only the iOS version, but the Android version as well. But there are almost no differences between those two. There are no versions for other platforms such as PC, probably because it’s a mobile app, after all.

In-app purchases

Google Home is completely free and features no in-app purchases. However, you need to purchase all the devices you want to control via the app separately, including smart speakers. Keep in mind that the app supports this Family Sharing option that allows it to be used by up to six family members.

The Bottom Line

Google Home review has to describe the app as it is, not as it is going to be after some serious work from the developers in Google. And now it just isn’t ready to become a real command center for your smart home – at least not until there will be some major improvements.



Google Home is a very promising, if somewhat underdeveloped smart home control app. Download Google Home and get one view of your whole home.

Pros : Highly customizable;
Supports a lot of devices;
Nice design.

Cons : Needs more work in general.

Functionality 4

Design 4

Usability 4

Cross-platform use 3

Average : 3.8


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