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Guitar Tuner Free - GuitarTuna is an application that allows you to tune more than 15 different instruments. Users can tune acoustic, classical, and electric guitars, ukuleles, bass, 7 & 12-string guitars, violins, cellos, fiddles, etc. You can also learn chords and use the metronome. Users can download Guitar Tuner Free - GuitarTuna for iOS and Android platforms. Guitar Tuner Free - GuitarTuna is one of the best guitar tuning applications, so more than 50 million users installed it on their devices.

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Functionality – 5/5

There are many useful features in Guitar Tuner Free - GuitarTuna. Most of them are for beginners, but some of them may be useful for everyone (instrument tuning for example). The first section of the app is called Tools. There you can see a “chord library”. It is useful for people who want to learn more ukulele and guitar chords. You can also find a metronome that will help you to play more accurate.

The next section is called “Games”. There you can play many games, for example, “Learn Chords”. You do not need any instrument to play the game. The app will show you the diagram of a chord, and you will have to remember it.

To tune your guitar or any other instrument, tap the “tuner” section. There you will be able to hear the correct sound of a string by tapping on it. Or you can play the string on your instrument, and the app will show you whether it is too high or too low.

Design – 5/5

Guitar Tuner Free - GuitarTuna design does not have a lot of icons, so it is easy to use the application. You can find the required feature by tapping on any section. All the features are sorted in the list. Guitar Tuner Free - GuitarTuna uses a dark interface, which makes it comfortable to use the app even in a night time.

Usability – 4/5

The application works great, but in order to get full access to all its features, you have to pay money. The app does not lag at all, it provides users with the promised features, and you can run it even if you have a weak device. You should experience zero problems while tuning your instrument.

Cross-Platform Use – 3/5

Guitar Tuner Free - GuitarTuna works perfectly on both platforms. The features and interface of the application are also the same. But if you decide to buy the full version of the app and use it on two platforms, you should enter the same email address. Otherwise, you won't be able to use all the app's features.

In-app purchases

If you buy the full version of the app (GuitarTuna Pro), you can tune all the instruments, which are available in the app. You can also unlock all the chords. The free version allows you to tune the guitar, ukulele, and cavaquinho.

The Bottom Line

Guitar Tuner Free - GuitarTuna is a great tuner application that allows you to tune your musical instrument swiftly. There are more than 15 available instruments. You can download Guitar Tuner Free - GuitarTuna for iOS and Android devices.



We recommend you to download Guitar Tuner Free - GuitarTuna especially if you are looking for the app that will help you to tune your instrument. We hope this Guitar Tuner Free - GuitarTuna review was helpful.

Pros : Easy to use;
Simple and beautiful interface;
A lot of useful features, some of them are for beginners.

Cons : You should buy the Pro version to use all the features.

Functionality 5

Design 5

Usability 4

Cross-platform use 3

Average : 4.3


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  • Is there a chromatic tuner in the GuitarTuna app?

    No, it's not currently available.

  • Can I restore previous purchases in the GuitarTuna app?

    Yes. To do that, launch the app, and go to "Shop" > "Restore."

  • How to transfer the GuitarTuna app from iOS to Android device?

    The cross-platform transfer is not possible in the GuitarTuna app.

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