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Samsung Smart View is an app that allows you to control any Samsung devices in your house with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet. Download Samsung Smart View and get rid of your TV remotes.

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Functionality — 2.5/5

First of all, Samsung Smart View isn’t a smart home controller in any sense. It has one primary function which is controlling all of your Samsung TVs with one device. It means you don’t need to have different TV remotes and you can browse across your live TV and many streaming services without interrupting anything you watch currently. But that’s pretty much it, and even those functions work very slowly.

Design — 4/5

Samsung Smart View has a rather simplistic design that imitates real TV remotes. There are buttons to turn TVs on and off, adjust volume and so on. In addition, you can browse different tabs with services like YouTube or Hulu and launch any movies, shows, games or even music directly from your smartphone or tablet. In general, the interface of the app is pretty simple and intuitive, so you can get used to it pretty fast.

Usability — 3.5/5

Despite having not so many functions, the app works rather well. The navigation is pretty easy, and there are some additional features that make Samsung Smart View even more comfortable to use. There is this ability to turn your TV on in Standby mode, a new game controller, and so on. But the app requires all of your devices to be on the same WiFi network, and that can annoy users that have some devices on a wired network.

The connection between your smartphone and other devices is unstable, and sometimes you have to do things manually with your common remotes. And if the connection works normally, your TV still might respond to your commands very slowly. And launching music and videos from your tablet’s memory on the TV screen may be impossible at all. So the app still requires a lot of work to fix those and some other problems.

Cross-platform use — 4/5

Samsung Smart View has versions for iOS and Android, and there is no significant difference between them, apart from small design variance.

In-app purchases

The app is free, and it offers no in-app purchases. After all, the app is so simple, there’s just no need for you to purchase any kind of additional content or premium functions. Still, you obviously have to buy any kind of controllable devices like TVs separately.

The Bottom Line

Reviewing Samsung Smart View is not an easy task – it has only one main function, and even that function is somewhat underdeveloped. But the app itself is just an addition to your Samsung hardware ecosystem, and as such, it is quite useful and makes things easier for you. 



Samsung Smart View is a useful virtual remote for your Samsung TVs. Not without its flaws, the app can still enhance your experience greatly. Download Samsung Smart View and play music, videos and shows any time you want just with one tap on your smartphone.

Pros : Simple and useful.

Cons : Limited functionality;
Slow response to your commands.

Functionality 2.5

Design 4

Usability 3.5

Cross-platform use 4

Average : 3.5


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  • Where can I get the Samsung Smart View app for my mobile device?

    You can download the Samsung Smart View app for your mobile device from the official app store of the platform you are using. Usually, you already have installed these stores on your phone. Visit the Google Play Store for Android phone, and the App Store of iOS. If you don’t want to look for the app there, just press “Get App” on this page above the review.

  • What do I need for the Samsung Smart View Android app?

    Obviously, you need to have an Android phone. You also have to open the page of Samsung Smart View on your device and press “Download”. Before you do that, check whether you have at least 17.92 M of empty space. This app is not demanding and works well with almost all smartphones.

  • How can I download the Samsung Smart View iOS app?

    You can download the Samsung Smart View app on your iOS device from the App Store. You need to have 8.0 iOS system on your phone or later. Empty enough space on your phone as well. You are going to need 116 MB. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

  • How fast does Samsung Smart View apk work?

    Actually, Samsung Smart View apk is not the fastest one. You are going to be patient with it. Some of its processes are slow.

  • Do I need to register to finish Samsung Smart View install process?

    No, Samsung Smart View does not require to pass the registration procedure from you.

  • Is the Samsung Smart View free app?

    Yes, the Samsung Smart View app is completely free. You don’t need to pay for anything. There are no in-app purchases in Samsung Smart View as well.

  • Do I need an Internet connection to begin the Samsung Smart View download process?

    Yes, you need to have the Internet to download the app. You will need to stay connected while you are using this app as well.

  • What can I do if Samsung Smart View not working?

    This problem may occur someday. If the app does not work, clear the cache on the phone, reload it, check your Internet connection and restart the app. If nothing works, contact the support team of the app via their official website or social media.

  • Where can I download the Samsung Smart View latest version?

    The latest version of the Samsung Smart View app will be available on the same page of the app where you have downloaded the app at first.

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