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WHO'S YOUR DADDY is a game where you play a clueless father who tries to catch his toddler and try not to kill him by leaving an oven opened and stuff like that.

You can download WHO'S YOUR DADDY for Windows only.

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Graphics — 3/5

Funny graphics not in a way that it's cute but how obviously awkward it is. The child looks like a cheap doll from China. Especially ridiculous how he moves - like a cockroach and he can get to higher objects through the air. Also, the toddler moves way too fast for this age. Everything else in this game also looks like a first draft and in same grey-ish colours.

Gameplay — 5/5

You're a father of course, and you've been left for some reason to take care of your infant child. Somehow, after having a child for more than 6 months approximately (judging by the fact that he can crawl), you still have no idea what to do with him and how to make the environment around him safe. So you have opened and easy to switch on ovens, chemicals spread everywhere around the house, and you leave your forks and knives in unclosed cabinets. It's time to get it together, dad! Prove your partner that you're trustworthy and don't let your innocent child die. And be quick! That toddler moves faster than a rat with pizza. You have to predict where it'll crawl next and make sure that area is child-friendly. Close all doors, take away all sharp objects and, for God's sake, get the mini stairs away from the bathtub.

And here's a twist - you can play as a baby too! Try the multiplayer mode and compete with your friend and see that you can commit suicide before your friend as a dad can prevent that.

Controls — 1/5

In WHO'S YOUR DADDY review you'll learn that this is rather difficult to control the game. The objects you're trying to hold often falls from your hands or fly away even. It's difficult to understand what you should do because there's no indicators or hints displayed anywhere on the screen. So just walk around and click everything with your left mouse button to figure it out.

Replay Value — 2/5

This game is the same every time you play it. Maybe you can try to replay it a few, times but then you'll figure out how to definitely don't let your baby die so there will be no point to come back to this game. And though the graphics are funny on purpose you can laugh at it only for some time then it'll annoy you.

The Bottom Line

You should definitely download WHO'S YOUR DADDY because it's so not your typical sim game. Especially it'll be interesting if you're not a parent and you have no idea what's this life is all about - your mind will be blown. Not that it's too realistic though. The engine here is also horrible - everything's jumping up and, down and you can end up on a ceiling all of a sudden. But all that actually suits the game and adds to this weirdly bad but good gaming experience.




If you're about to become a parent, you should check this game out - it might give you few tips on what to think about once the baby arrives and it also shows a somewhat real picture of what might happen to your kid.

Pros : Funny gameplay and idea;
Interesting puzzles to solve;
One might learn something from this game about a child's safety.

Cons : Too bad graphics;
The child moves too fast. Is he on drugs?

Functionality 3

Design 5

Usability 1

Cross-platform use 2

Average : 2.8


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