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WeatherBug is an app which is easy-to-use and provides the precise current and future weather reports promptly. It is powered by the world's largest network of professional weather stations, providing lots of useful features. Millions of users already depend on WeatherBug, which helps to prepare for all weather conditions. WeatherBug can save your day.

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Functionality 9/10

WeatherBug allows you to find out everything about the weather whenever and wherever you are. The useful mobile app detects your location, takes current data from your nearest weather station and then shows it on your smartphone. All these actions are performed automatically.

With WeatherBug, you’ll be aware not only of current, highest and the lowest temperature of the day but the wind speed and direction, rainfall, wind chill, dew point, pressure and humidity. Search for areas and add them to the app so that you flick through the conditions in several locations with a quick tap.

There’s a helpful maps feature which displays the weather through the use of overlays. Just choose which kind of data it shows from Radar, Satellite or Temperature. You can zoom the maps in and out by using magnifying glass icons. Video reports and updated images of the weather conditions are impressive features, too, though, they are not available in all the areas.

You won’t have problems with customizing because there are various options and settings. Simply change, for example, temperature notifications or units of measurements.

Design 10/10

The design is slick, organized and offers animated transitions when you swipe left or right. The main interface which represents the current weather and the forecast for the day is the same for Android and iOS. Android devices show a 5-day forecast. At the bottom, you’ll see several icons: Camera, Conditions, 7-day weather forecast, Maps, and Video. There are also additional icons to get fast weather alerts, some help, and more information.

The iOS layout labels each icon and liquidates some of the Android version guesswork. WeatherBug integrates itself into the notification tray if you agree to background updates. You'll see the temperature in the top bar. After opening the notification area, you’ll notice an abbreviated forecast version. It displays the current temperature and the expected high or low that depends on the hour of the day. Selecting the weather icon in the notification tray takes you directly into the app.

Usability 10/10

Customize your forecasts by the wind — MPH, KPH, Knots or MPS, temperature — Fahrenheit or Celsius, pressure units — inches and millibars. Choose the most convenient language: English, Spanish or Portuguese. You can find out the local weather conditions, see the weather map and radar.

WeatherBug makes you ready for severe weather conditions. There are 18 animated maps, so you get various options on what forecasts you have to see and over 2.6 m locations around the world.

Choose the forecasts for all your daily activities like sports games, golf, lawn care, outdoors and so on. See current weather conditions and receive alerts in the chosen locations. Check hurricanes using satellite and radar and see the current hurricane forecasts.

Cross-platform use 7/10

WeatherBug is a popular weather app available on almost every mobile platform. It requires iOS 8.0 or later. WeatherBug is compatible with Android, but it varies with device.

In-app purchases

The free WeatherBug contains ads, while the paid version is ad-free. You can have it for $2.99 yearly. You’ll get a full radar animation, extra map layers for infrared satellite, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, and the next day's high and low. The weather data will be cached so that you see it offline.


By using WeatherBug, you receive real-time weather conditions, forecasts, precise and animated weather maps for all the areas you want. Moreover, you get the quickest alerts which remind you of inclement weather.

Give this mobile app a chance and download it on your smartphone. WeatherBug is powered by one of the biggest professional weather networks in the world. It has a vast amount of information immediately available, and it is reliable. WeatherBug has access to more than 35, 000 weather stations.



In general, WeatherBug is a compelling and trustworthy tool for getting precise weather information and forecasts. It offers lots of useful information in an easy-to-read form, making it a top iOS and Android weather app.

Pros : Provides more information than competing weather apps;
Video for weather at every weather station;
Detailed forecasts;
Straightforward and easy to use interface;
You don't need to sign-up or сreate an account.

Cons : Not all the features are available in some locations;
Sometimes the loading is slow;
Ads get in the way.

Functionality 4.5

Design 5

Usability 5

Cross-platform use 3.5

Average : 4.5


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  • Can I change the background in the WeatherBug app?

    Yes. Enter the "NOW" screen, and tap the WeatherBug icon in the top-left corner to access the slide-out menu. After that scroll down to and tap "Background." Choose the one you like.

  • How to switch the map layer to temperature in the WeatherBug app?

    To do that, tap on "Radar," and then select the options icon in the bottom-right corner. After the menu for overlays appears, choose "Temperature" from the list.

  • How to switch between saved locations in the WeatherBug app?

    Tap the Location bar to see the Location List. Choose the location you need from that list. Otherwise, tap the Location Management to open the Location Management screen and pick the preferable location.

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