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For many people who use music today, SoundCloud is probably the most powerful tool out there to pick from. When it comes to Android, SoundCloud is one of the best places to find music on the go on your device. For those with a more adventurous taste in music this can be the perfect place to start off with – SoundCloud for Android, though, can be a bit of a challenge to work with.

So, is it a one hit wonder? Or something more consistent? Let's see just how good the SoundCloud app can be when used properly.

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Functionality 7/10

For one, the functionality of SoundCloud is awesome and the app is easy to use. You simply browse around the SoundCloud app interface and find artists by genre, name and various other systems. It gives you access to music in everything from hip hop to classical and even sports and audiobooks. SoundCloud is more than just a depository for amateur artists – this goes way above and beyond that, and offers something new and exciting that you can really make the most of. The functionality, then, is important. With this SoundCloud app for Android you have no problems at all in taking things further. If you want to get exploring for new artists and fresh sounds you have never heard before, SoundCloud probably offers the best way to do just that. It could be easier to navigate, but it's good other than this.

Design 6/10

The design of SoundCloud is basic and simple. If this bothers you then you might want to go and look for something else – SoundCloud for Android won't be jazzing up that look anytime soon. However, with the ability to find tracks and artists with just a few clicks the design is for functionality, not style. This does, though, make it easier for you to appreciate the overall layout and style of SoundCloud. It offers a more effective way to enjoy your time as a true music fan here, for one. However, more importantly, it also makes it simpler for you to make use of SoundCloud by discovering new artists through an easy to navigate and rather functional design layout and style. Now, you can easily personalize your listening experience with a design that allows favoring specific artists and playlists you love.

Usability 8/10

Usability is obviously not a problem with the SoundCloud app being so simple to use. You just scroll through the pages and find artists that you like. From there you can subscribe to their channels, create playlists with those artists included, connect with friends and your favorite artists, listen to new tracks and just make the whole experience more personalized and more friendly than ever before. If you fancy a change of direction and tact, then SoundCloud makes it easy to do so – it takes you away from other apps like Spotify into something that's even easier to use to your advantage. Its simplistic management of each part of the process mans that artists can easily start to use SoundCloud for long-term promotion. Music lovers can then find these artists and give them the recognition that they are looking for, thus creating more streamlined music discovery.

Cross-platform use 8/10

You can access SoundCloud online, as well. This means that you can just go there on your PC and get a more significant layout to work with. If you find that SoundCloud for Android is just a bit too tight to work with in terms of the layout, you should try out this instead. The cross-platform effective usage means you can easily keep your playlists organized and then enjoy them later on using a smartphone. The choice is yours entirely, but you'll likely find that SoundCloud for Android is best used to listen to advanced playlists made on the PC.

In-app purchases

There's not really anything to purchase with SoundCloud – you might decide to go and buy from an artist after hearing them, that's it. In terms of hitting you with pricing and other situations, SoundCloud does nothing of the sort. You don't have to pay for anything when using this excellent app.


Those on the go and using SoundCloud for Android can make up their own playlists and enjoy them on the go. From big name artists using SoundCloud as a promo tool to budding artists looking to break into the mainstream scene, this goes far beyond what many similar programs have in the past and creates a vibrant musical hotspot. 



SoundCloud works as the perfect venue to host, find, enjoy and share music that may never have been discovered otherwise. For artists who wish to become more prominent and raise their profile long-term, SoundCloud might be the place to begin. It's easy and effective to work within and makes it nice and simple for clients to have access to the new artist.

Pros : A perfect ally for both artists and music fans;
Impressive sharing functionality;
Discovering exiting new artists is easy.

Cons : You cannot change and improve anything you upload;
While using SoundCloud for listening is free, using it as an artist isn't.

Functionality 3.5

Design 3

Usability 4

Cross-platform use 4

Average : 3.6


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