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Professional video editing on mobiles is real, and apps like Kinemaster Pro are the living proof. But, being an undoubtedly good video editor, Kinemaster has its weaknesses as well. For example, its price may seem too high; and hardly you will afford searching for Kinemaster Pro APK to install it manually because it’s risky and full of troubles. On iOS, you cannot act this way at all.

We have collected ten alternative video editors. These are professional apps, more powerful than those preinstalled on your devices, and with most features available for free. With any of these apps, you can turn your tablet or even phone into a functional portable studio. Most of these apps (with only one exception) are available for both Android and iOS.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip screen

When it comes to any sort of media editing, Adobe products come to mind first. In fact, it’s a cut version of Adobe Premiere Pro, adjusted for mobile devices. You can trim and combine videos, apply filters, color correction, audio effects, insert music, still frames, and so on. By the way, you can connect this app to other Adobe projects, like Lightroom (for editing single frames) or Premiere (for more professional video editing). That may be why it’s rather poor in features.

To speed up the editing process, you can opt for Automatic mode, letting the AI select the best transitions, effects, and processing methods. Freeform is a manual mode, with more manual control options.

Best as: pre-app if you want to refine your videos later on PC.


 VideoShow screen

If you want to create videos including side content, like photos, texts, music and sound effects, hand-drawn pictures, and so on, VideoShow is a good option. It has lits of effects and transitions to convert a set of sounds and frames to a beautiful video. You can make great videos for celebrations, combine GIFs with still pictures or videos, add music. It’s extremely simple and provides brilliant results if used skillfully.

Best as: ad hoc video maker, if you want to animate your congratulations or report.

InShot Mobile App

InShot Mobile App screen

InShot is a versatile mobile video editor with rich features, including trimming and pitching videos and sounds, applying filters, adding texts and sounds. Great that it allows for rotating and flipping videos: this feature is absent in many rival apps.

Unlike other apps that may require a subscription, InShot only needs one payment to remove a watermark from the videos you make. It also has a built-in photo editor and a collage maker.

Best as: multifunctional video editor for a small price.


Horizon in usage

Vertical videos are a nightmare to those watching on PC, but there can be a worse thing: an uneven horizon. Luckily, we have Horizon app that always keeps your frame horizontal, using accelerometers and gyroscopes of your devices to adjust the position. Today’s cameras have an excessive definition, so the rotation won’t compress the frame.

No matter how you position your phone, your videos will be shot horizontally. It works perfectly on iPhone or iPad, but the Android version is limited in features. Anyway, while the core app is free, extra modules need to be bought.

Best as: always-horizontal camera with an editor.

Quik App

Quik App screen

As you can see by the name, the app is meant for those limited in time. With Quik, the app developed by GoPro makers, it takes little time to capture your video and edit it. This app may be limited in features, but still, it has all the basic functions, like trimming, text captions, transitions, filters, and basic sound editing. You can also launch it in manual mode to reach more features, but manual editing is better in other apps.

Best as: the quickest way to get your videos ready for sharing.


PicPlayPost screen

Video collages look greater than still collages or just sets of photos. PicPlayPost is the app for making videos out of pictures and GIFs, and it also works with regular video files. This app is also great if you need to combine various video or photo fragments and highlight some of them. PicPlayPost is the app of choice for Instagram stars like Melissa Made.
The downside of it is the subscription model for the premium function that implies a monthly fee instead of a single payment.

Best as: a tool for creating videos out of anything, on any occasion.


VivaVideo screen

This app was developed with its users in mind, with those who like posting various videos on social media. Its layouts and templates are optimized for storyboard style. You only need to load separate clips into their sections and select length or effects. Like in most AR-assisted apps, you can add dynamic stickers, emoji, or texts that follow your story. As for filters, the app has hundreds of them, and they are very quick to apply.

One of the greatest things about Viva Video is that you can unlock pro features (like HD video export, various effects, or no watermark) for a single payment, with no subscription. Yet you may be good with its free version too.

Best as: video maker for social media.


Magisto screen

While photo editing services are AI-based for long already, video editing for the masses only starts implementing it, and Magisto is among the pioneers. It only takes three steps to create a video with it. First, you select editing style by its name that sets the mood. Second, you import photos and videos to make your cut from, and then select the music from Magisto’s library. Third, you confirm you trust the AI with it all.

It’s as fast as Quik, but AI implementation changes the result. Not sure you will like it, but sometimes you will get satisfying quality in virtually no time. It can’t be overrated if you need impressive videos for your Instagram right now.

Best as: AI-based video app that makes your footage look professional.


FilmoraGo screen

While basically FilmoraGo is free, its features really impress. You won’t have to pay to get rid of watermarks, because there are none. You don’t have to pay for the subscription, because the app is free.
The editor lets you import and position videos, music, audio clips, mix them using transitions, trim them, mix audios, and add titles and subtitles. Then you can export videos to any format or third-party app you like, including all the popular social media. Among all Kinemaster Pro alternatives, this seems the most attractive.

What’s the trick? In fact, the mobile version of FilmoraGo is just an extension for the desktop version, and this one is paid: $44.99/yr. Maybe, if you earn with your videos, it’s a good investment. But the mobile app by itself is great regardless of whether you have the desktop app.

Best as: a really free video editor.

Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro screen

This is the only app on our list that is only available for iOS. Its features include manual editing projects (like you do on PC), so after you save it, you can still access any individual clip it includes. Another pro of this app is its incredible filter set, including dozens of filters that make your videos look cinematic. Parameters like white balance, gradient, saturation, or contrast can be adjusted manually. You can also edit audios or add titles and subtitles unlimitedly. Being even better than Kinemaster Pro video editor in some aspects, it’s, alas, absent on Android.

The app is basically free, but you can either subscribe for $5.99/mo or buy the app once for $19.99, so premium features are all unlocked. If you prefer free versions, your videos will hold the watermark of the app.

Best as: the app for stylizing your videos so they look Hollywood-styled.


This list isn’t definitive, but whatever you want from your video editor, you’ll find it. And what do you think we missed?

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