10 Best Android Apps You'll Need This Summer

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The summer's heat has brought some hot mobile apps. You'll need them to enjoy the freshest music jams, Stranger Things season 3, or inspiring podcasts. And even to become financially wise. Our 10 Best Android Apps hit parade will help you select the most useful applications for this summer.


1. Netflix — Flicks, series, cartoons...

Netflix app screenshot

Netflix barely needs any introduction. It's one of the hottest titles on Android apps store, after all! With it, after paying the necessary subscription fee starting at $8.99 per month, you will get the key to a giant treasury of shows. On the menu, you have such famous names as:

  • Crown,
  • The Umbrella Academy,
  • Russian Doll,
  • BoJack Horseman,
  • Black Mirror,
  • Orange is the New Black,
  • When They See Us,
  • She-Ra and The Princesses of Power.

And many others. On Netflix, you can find basically any genre: documentaries, anime, soap operas, thrillers, feature films, b-movies, and so forth. Especially desirable this app may seem now when the Stranger Things Season 3 is out. To discover more shows, visit What's On Netflix.

With Netflix, you'll always have something to watch while munching popcorn.

2. Luminary — Podcasts unlimited

Luminary app screenshots

Luminary is referred to as "Netflix for podcasts." And quite deservingly. Here you'll find a wide range of topics to explore: from science and hi-tech to business, fashion, and supernatural.

Want to learn more about information security? Play Risky Business. Need something inspirational? Oprah SuperSoul Conversations wait for you. Contemporary arts or spooky stories are your weakness? NPR Programs and Tony Bruskie's Real Ghost Stories are at your service.

There's a mandatory fee for accessing the podcast library. However, you can listen to free podcasts nonstop. Plus there's a clever recommendation feature that suggests new shows based on your likes.

Luminary with its podcast catalogue will let you explore new horizons.

3. YouTube — Old friend with new options

YouTube app screenshots

If you need a quick tutorial on how to make paper lanterns or you'd like to check out vintage music videos from the early days of MTV — YouTube is your guy. The number of video categories and genres it has is immeasurable.

There are video-travels to the likes of Giza and Tenochtitlan in 8k definition. Lectures, tutorials, and lessons on foreign languages, guitar playing etc. Finally, it's one of the best music apps for Android — you can create music playlists based on your favorite genres, artists, albums, etc.

Additionally, you can adjust the video frame, switch to the night mode, get notifications, regulate the sound volume, and tweak the video quality in case your connectivity is weak. Live streaming is also available on YT.

YouTube is still better than TV.

4. SoundCloud — Please don't stop the music

SoundCloud app screenshots

SoundCloud is the biggest online platform for music publishing. Here you can find entire albums, singles, and mixtapes released by your favorite artists. SoundCloud is also used for promoting upcoming talents, so you can always discover something fresh and new in every genre possible. The app also allows listening to podcasts.

SoundCloud is 100% free of charge, by the way. There are no pop-ups, no audio advertising, and no subscription fee. Besides, it's a great place to premier your own music masterpieces.

SoundCloud is the realm of groovy jams.

5. Headspace — Realize your potentiality

Headspace app screenshots

Headspace is a Zen-like app for meditation. With it, you can clear your mind, banish pesky thoughts from your head, and concentrate on what you truly desire. Plus there are extra meditation techniques that will let you improve your health condition, mental balance, focus of attention, and creativity.

With Headspace, you'll become a better version of yourself.

6. WhatsApp — Chitty-chatting

WhatsApp app screenshots

WhatsApp is N1 among Android apps for free texting. It allows you to contact people right from your phone book, provided they have WhatsApp too. As a result, you get as much texting, voice & video calling as you want. Additionally, you can share media files, like photos from your last vacation in Santa Monica. Make a group call or leave a voice message if your contact is offline at the moment.

As an extra bonus, there's a huge bundle of emojis and GIFs. WhatsApp is totally free from any sorts of ads. But you can add a channel created by your favorite brand, TV station, etc. to stay tuned about the hottest premiers.

Use WhatsApp to say "what's up?"

7. Acorns — Make the nickels work!

Acorns app screenshots

Acorns is a unique investment application. It doesn't require you to have thousands of dollars or trading skills. Instead, you can have your spare change invested. Every time you buy groceries or get a cup of latte, the remaining pennies will be put to work according to your investment portfolio. Money can be withdrawn at any time. Plus you earn bonus points from Uber, Airbnb, Nike, eBay, and other brands for using the app.

Turn your "peanuts" into Acorns.

8. Google Maps — Never get lost

Google Maps app screenshots

Google Maps is a navigational app that includes maps of almost every single city in the world. It's perfect for travelers thanks to its GPS-support: you may view your geo-location in real time right on the map. Thus it'll be much easier to reach your destination.

Besides, Google Maps provides reviews on hotels and restaurants written by real clients. It will find the nearest grocery stores, gas stations, boutiques, or hospitals at your request. It understands voice commands and also will show you a route from A to B.

Explore the world with Google Maps!

9. Google Inbox — No more clutter

Google Inbox app screenshots

One of the coolest mail Android apps, Google Inbox, is perfect for the Gmail fans. It knows how to eliminate and block spam, offers organizing tools and design options. It'll set you free from the clutter and tyranny of garbage mail.

Google Inbox will help you be productive with business & personal emails.

10. Fandango — Who's on the stage tonight?

Fandango app screenshots

With this app, you'll always be the first to learn about the biggest movie & theatre premiers. Fandango allows you to book tickets instantly, avoiding long, tedious lines. It displays Rotten Tomato ratings and reviews, can help you get a place at the early screening, and also rewards you with bonus points.

Fandango is perfect for movie & theatre maniacs.

The summer heat goes on

Do you think this list misses something? Is there a secret magical app that you enjoy the most? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

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