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Math is dull, and gadgets are cool. This is the assumption that, despite being exaggerated, prevails among today’s students; later they’ll probably learn how much math is hidden behind any smartphone and even a single app. But while the younger students are only learning, it’s the mission of the teacher to make studying really immersive, and mobile devices are just a cool way to do that.

The collection of math helping apps is prepared to cover different levels, from beginners to advanced learners. All of these apps are just opposite to calculators: they don’t do the calculation for the user, but encourage the human to do the math, mentally or in writing. More than that: they make it fun, with all due immersion and following inspiration.

Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game screen

It’s really a game with lots of puzzles, with great visuals, cute animals to follow, and progress to measure in levels. Despite its playful visuals, it’s a serious app for students, and its succession corresponds with state curricula, so Prodigy Game will be useful for math classes from grade 1 to grade 8. With this app students can both learn math and diagnose their skills.
The app is completely free, with no ads, and available for iOS and Android, as well as in web version. That is, most students and teachers will be able to use it.


CK12 screenshot

Not as playful as Prodigy, CK-12 is a lean and mean learning tool, with lots of problems to solve, lessons to learn, and concepts to acknowledge. It organizes the entire volume of math taught at schools, covering arithmetic, algebra, calculus, geometry, and trigonometry. It contains adaptive practice, simulations, and PLIX. The students of higher grades will appreciate its BrainGenie section, offering more than the default course and letting them understand mathematics deeper. Teachers can use this app for testing, as it contains quizzes, tests, and digital workbooks.

This app is completely free too, as it’ developed and supported by a nonprofit CK-12 organization. It’s also supported by Blackboard, so CK-12 is the portal to free textbooks and interactive learning courses. You can use it on Android, iOS, Windows or on web.

Math Training for Kids

Math Training for Kids screen

You don’t even have to wait until your kids start visiting school; this app operates the most basic concepts of arithmetic. Even three-year-old kids can acknowledge addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. With this app, learning is very spectacular and involving. By the way, it’s also a perfect virtual table to gather the family at.


Photomath app screen

OCR works wonders when combined with a special mathematical engine. It’s enough to take a picture of a problem you want to be solved. After a short processing, Photomath will deliver its step-by-step solution with the answer! Just make sure all the symbols of the problems are intelligible and correctly written, because the app isn’t responsible for human errors.

Of course, you have thought about its unfair use. Yes, the teachers know it, too, so Photomath is banned on exams or test works. But it’s still a great assistance when out of class, so its help is hard to overrate when you really want to figure out how to solve a problem. Just don’t abuse it. The app is free on Android and iOS.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy screen

It’s the digital version of Khan Academy, founded by Salman Khan, for iOS and Android. The whole project started accidentally: Salman Khan uploaded videos where he explained algebra to his cousin remotely, and suddenly it got astonishingly more popular than he expected. Now Khan has given up his financial career to start his online Academy, and he isn’t sorry. Neither will be you if you listen to him. Explanation is Khan’s superpower, and he offers his apps for free. The app also includes a dashboard to track progress.


BuzzMath screen

It’s one of the best apps for teens learning math, primarily because it’s synced with CCSS (Common Core State Standards). This one is available for Android and iOS, as well as in web version. You can type your problems or requests or write them with a stylus (or your own finger). Alas, it’s a commercial app, so its free version doesn’t offer detailed reports.

Brainscape Flashcards

Brainscape Flashcards app screen

Well, it’s nothing but virtual flashcards, but that’s what makes the app so personal. You create your cards according to your course, and then you use them to check or fix your knowledge and remembering. The reminders to check the cards pop up periodically, and the time they appear has been calculated to be optimal for learning.

Colorado’s PhET

Phet app screen

This project by Colorado University is of those cool apps for teens who want to benefit from maximum multimedia and interactivity involved. It contains lots of lessons with interactive elements, that can enrich both classroom studies and homework. It covers sections from arithmetic to projectile motion and calculus.

This is the only one paid on our list, though its version both for iPhone and Android is just $0.99. Still, it’s free for K-12 students.

Singapore Maths

Singapore Maths screen

We sail tonight for Singapore! Just to learn math, of course: the unique cultural fusion of Singapore evolved special methods of communication. English, Chinese and Malaysian languages are spoken there, and to be understood by all students, Singaporean teachers developed a special method of visual explanation of abstract concepts. It contains hundreds of games and illustrations that make it one of those cool apps for teens that light up sparkles in the head. In addition, the app is CCSS-compatible. Alas, after a free trial you’ll need to subscribe.

GeometryPad app screen


Geometry is the domain where vision is king. Developed for measuring and partitioning land, it entered new abstract heights, but still is best explained on real objects. That’s why GeometryPad is cool. It utilizes auxiliaries like a compass, geometric shapes from real-world, tools for making complicated sketches, and so on. It makes basic geometric concepts easier to get, so most students understand them easily. It is also fine for homework, The app is available for Android and iOS (like most listed apps).

Is Math Cool Now?

When it comes to learning math, visualizing abstract concepts, and memorizing basic rules, apps like these are hard to overrate. Set aside fears that gadgets will unteach mankind to think; these do just the opposite.

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