5 Best Microsoft Word Alternatives for Android

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Many of us are still not accustomed to the idea that office apps for a smartphone can be a nice alternative to their desktop competitors when it comes to business. While there are still not many great apps like Microsoft Word, we have tried to gather only the most helpful here. Microsoft Word alternatives will help you to increase your productivity at work and ease your daily routine.

How to Pick Office Apps for Android?

To pick the most suitable office apps, you need to understand why do you actually need them. If your goal is to find the working tool free of charge, you need to prepare yourself for some limitations compared to the premium options. If you need a user-friendly interface, be ready to fewer features, and if you want multiple tools in one app, make sure you can handle a messy screen. But we believe that there are some really amazing working instruments for your Android phone. Read our variants and add yours.

Modern and Intuitive SmartOffice App

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If you want something new, but still miss Microsoft Office, you will love the SmartOffice app. It looks and feels like Microsoft Word, including our favorite programs Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. But if you decide to leave Microsoft Office, this is the first step. SmartOffice supports all Microsoft’s formats, offers protection to your passwords and is compatible with storages like Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox. The interface is really intuitive. And the best part – it is totally free.

Advanced Work With WPS Office

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WPS Office is the free Android apk that is considered to be one of the best working tools. There is a standard office pack for your mobile plus the desktop version if you need to combine both experiences. It has Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets all compatible with standard Microsoft Office programs. Its advanced options include charts, tables, and images.

Download Google Drive Pack

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Google Drive looks totally familiar to Android users. However, besides Google Drive, you will have to download Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, if you want to get the complete pack. It is compatible with all the formats of Microsoft Office and has an understandable clean interface. The app offers 15GB of storage.

Enjoy an Extra Cloud Drive With Polaris Office

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This is not the new app, and many of us may have already used it. It grows and increases its abilities. Polaris Office offers its private Polaris Drive where you can keep your documents and sync them. But you can always use your own cloud storage. There is an in-built PDF viewer in the Polaris Office and it is compatible with all Microsoft Office programs. You can scan documents with the help of its camera mode.

Check out Unique Features of OfficeSuite

OfficeSuite Screenshot

OfficeSuite from MobiSystems has lots of outstanding tools to show its users. It offers its desktop interface for mobile users, which is really helpful if you work on both devices and use bigger screens like tablets. It supports various files formats and PDF documents. It offers digital signatures and password protection as well. While the app is free, you need to watch out for ads that may appear once in a while on your screen. They will be removed in a premium mode which costs $14.99.

Can These Alternatives Replace Microsoft Office?

We don’t offer you just one solution or say that you need to find one app and use it forever. The market for office apps is growing. Right now all the apps that we offered here are free of charge, have a user-friendly interface and a wide range of functions. If you don’t want to wait for the release of Microsoft Office for Android mobiles, check other apps. If you have already found the app you really love and use in your daily work, share it here with us, in the comments.

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