5 Main Trends in Mobile App Development in 2021

5 Main Trends in Mobile App Development in 2021 on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Technologies progress more and more every year. Mobile app development companies that want to stay ahead of the competition need to keep up with current trends. New features and options are not only beneficial for users but also very productive for businesses. 2021 has brought us a number of promising trends, the best of which we have collected in this article.

1. Internet of Things

The concept of IoT, when many things are combined into a common network, is not new, but right now, it is reaching a whole new level. Its bright representatives are smart houses familiar to many, which automatically regulate lighting, heating, and the operation of household appliances, and smart factories, where machines look for and fix problems. Such technologies are used everywhere: in medicine, elderly care, transportation, agriculture, and so on. Considering that various domestic and industrial processes are being automated, this trend will remain relevant for a long time. So IoT application development is a promising direction.

2. Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are not only smartwatches with which you can receive calls. These can be activity tracker bracelets, rings, pendants, and other things. Each such gadget so far requires a special mobile application. Currently, this area is still at the initial stage of development, and startups have an excellent opportunity to occupy the niche.

There is also a broader concept of "wearable technology," which includes clothing with special sensors and trackers used in sports, medicine, the military industry, and so on. All this also requires external devices with appropriate apps that will display and analyze the collected data.

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3. Biometric Authentication

This trend has remained relevant for several years in a row. Lots of devices now support technologies that allow using fingerprints or face scans to sign in, make purchases, and pay taxes. Besides, many services use multifactor authentication, which involves reading biometric data instead of verifying old-format documents. Such recognition systems can be implemented in any area and used for different purposes, such as marketing or service improvement.

4. Cross-Platform Development

Today, more applications are created for several mobile platforms at once, and programs developed initially for one platform are actively ported to others. Since cross-platform allows you to reuse written code, it is more profitable from a financial point of view, saves a lot of time, and makes it possible to implement updates on all devices at once. With the help of modern frameworks, you can make an application that will be absolutely secure, will have an extensive set of functions, and at the same time an excellent and smooth design and interface.

5. Super Apps

Super apps are multifunctional ecosystems with wide functionality. One such application can replace several services at once. You can chat with friends, listen to music, look for a job, read the news, and more, in one place. Increasing functionality is one of the leading modern trends. The more opportunities your service offers to users, the more competitive it is. Of course, provided that the transition between options is implemented as smoothly as possible.

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Plenty of Development Opportunities

These are the top five trends we spotted in 2021. Of course, this article can be expanded, for example, with corporate services, geolocation-based apps, e-wallets, artificial intelligence, and much more. What else should we put on our list? Which mobile technologies, in your opinion, will receive the greatest development in the future?

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