8 Best Apps For Drivers You Should Try

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Understanding what transmission does and knowing how to replace a car tire — this is some super important knowledge. However, even the well-seasoned chauffeurs will appreciate our 8 Best Apps for Drivers selection. We've included anything from maps and navigation to traffic jam and cop alerts.


1. GasBuddy — Way to pay less

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These days people can save up pennies like never before. Apps tell you where to get the best deals on groceries, gadgets, books, movie & theatre tickets, clothes and so on. GasBuddy does the same trick: this clever application shows you the nearest gas stations and helps you find the lowest prices in the vicinity.

Besides, it's possible to tweak the search algorithm. GasBuddy will find pit stops that deliver only your favorite gasoline brands. Toilets, prices, cafeterias, car washes, and the best location — these are the filters you can apply too! After you get your first portion of gas via the app, you'll get a $0.15 discount. Every next gas purchase will save you up to $0.5.

GasBuddy knows where to find the cheapest juice for your car.

2. Castbox — The long road companion

Castbox application screenshots

If lengthy car trips are a major part of your life — you know how it feels to sit at the wheel for hours. In the company of just yourself and radio. Luckily, Castbox is coming to save your wits! This app provides a galaxy of podcasts that will suffice you for a few lifetimes — over 95 million episodes!

Podcasts are available in nearly 70 different languages and 16 categories. Here you'll find any topics:

  • Politics, news & economics.
  • Business, IT, information security.
  • Science, history, psychology.
  • Paranormal & scary stories.
  • Fashion & arts.
  • Comedy.

In case you grow tired of listening to chatter, Castbox has a magnificent selection of ambient sounds and music. Let go of your thoughts and worries and drive, enjoying meditative sounds that soothe the nerves and help concentrate on the road.

Castbox is absolutely one of the best driver Android apps.

3. Parkify — Dude, where's my ride?

Parkify application screenshots

Sometimes you can't remember where you parked your metal beauty. It has happened to each one of us, and there's nothing shameful about it. Parkify is the app that will assist you, should this misfortune happen to you again. The app does all the job automatically using your phone's accelerometer. It analyzes the distance you've covered on foot, the time when you parked the car, etc. After doing some calculations, it will locate your automobile immediately.

Parkify can be a life-saver if your memory tends to fail you sometimes.

4. Dynolicious Classic — How powerful is your car?

Dynolicious Classic application screenshots

You've probably seen such brainy terminology as cornering forces, lap times, 0-60 mph acceleration, and so forth. In reality, these parameters are measured during the field tests by some expensive gear. With some impressive precision. Odds are you're not ready to invest thousands of dollars into that fancy junk. Dynolicious Classic, however, has got your back.

Simply take your car to the tracks, launch the app do all the maneuvers you need. Dyno will measure all the parameters required. And as practice shows, its accuracy is quite good. It is the best driver app. If you've dreamt of boasting to your friends about the awesomeness of your killing machine...

5. Waze — Wise driving

Waze application screenshots

Waze is probably one of the handiest teen driving apps. Why? Because it doesn't just show your route from A to B, using a GPS signal. It also carefully leads you around road accidents, traffic jams, and construction works. Waze is powered by the feedback received from other drivers. Therefore its accuracy is pretty good. Besides, it alerts you about the nearest police road posts.

Waze will make your driving less adventurous, but much safer.

6. MileIQ — Miles getting counted...

MileIQ application screenshots

MileIQ does honest and laconic work. If you're a trucker, taxi driver and sitting at the wheel is your profession and calling, this app will help you record the mileage. Afterwards, it'll be handy when you file for deserved tax deductions. As the app users report, MileIQ helps save up to $7,000 annually!

MileIQ is a perfect driver android app for the financially wise.

7. Drivermatics Blackbox Dash Cam — All-seeing eye

Drivermatics Blackbox Dash Cam application screenshots

Drivermatics does one important thing: it turns your gizmo into a dash cam. Thus you'll have better chances to get insurance money should something happen to your car on the road (we hope it won't). the app also registers distance covered, time spent on the road, top speed, etc.

Drivermatics is a budget substitute for a dash camera.

8. RoadTrippers — Plan the perfect ride

RoadTrippers application screenshots

RoadTrippers is a helpful guy when it comes to planning a memorable car travel. Take a route through a picturesque area, find and book a decent motel, be aware of the closest gas stations. And also learn which animals may cross the road in front of your car. Besides, you can take some advice from your friends via the app.

Discover the beauty around as you drive with RoadTrippers.

Baby, you can drive my car

Now you know plenty of ways to make your road life much easier. Save a few pennies, enjoy excellent podcasts, and never get busted for speeding again. Share this article with your fellow-drivers and leave a tip if you know any other awesome driver apps!

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