8 Methods to Keep Your Apps in Order

8 Methods to Keep Your Apps in Order on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Many apps can be indispensable in work and life, entertain you in your free time, monitor your health, and so on. To prevent your smartphone screen from becoming a mess, arrange icons in the correct order. Here are eight great ways to do it.

1. Action Folders

One of the most obvious options is to group services into action folders. In one cluster, you can collect applications for communication or work with texts and tables; in the other, keep everything that is needed on a trip.

2. Color

Combining icons by color is ideal for perfectionists. Of course, it refers to the visual rather than the functional method. You can use the color wheel as a basis and arrange the apps in the order the shades of their logos change, for example, from cool blue (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to warm yellow (Snapchat, iMDb, and so on).

3. Usage Frequency

From the name, the basic principle of this method is clear. The more often you use this or that app, the higher it should be on the list. On the first home screen, you can arrange the services you use every day, on the second, those you open once a week, and on the third, all the rest.

4. Themes

Instead of grouping apps by topic into folders, you can select them in separate rows. The first one will contain games, the second — educational applications, the third — maps and navigators, and so on.

5. Widgets

The big advantage of Android smartphones is that they are quite flexible in terms of appearance and functionality settings. Use widgets to optimize your workspace and make it easier to access important apps.

6. One Screen With Folders

If you are not a fan of a large number of home screens, you should try to combine applications into folders. You can only use one main screen by grouping all the information by topic, action, frequency of use, etc.

7. Hand Position

Depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed, you can shift the icons on the screen to a more convenient side for you. It will make it easier for you to reach the services you need.

8. SmartBar

SmartBar is a multifunctional app that lets you embed any function, tab, task, and much more of what you need into your smartphone control panel. Customize it to your liking, and everything you require will be at your fingertips.

Order in Everything

Some users do not want to download new apps so as not to clutter up screens. With these methods, it is no longer a problem. Everything in your smartphone is now under your careful control.

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