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Adobe Premiere Rush CC is a compact video editor for those looking to become social media stars. With it, you can shoot videos, edit them, and upload them to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms on the go. You might already be familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro. So Premiere Rush CC is its simplified version. Read below what it is capable of.


The developers are positioning this application as "all-in-one." It literally has everything you need to do quality video editing: you can cut and paste footage, adjust color, create animations, add headlines, and even mix audios.

Editing tools

You can easily create a video clip and edit it: add titles, cut or merge frames, adjust brightness and contrast, scale, record voiceover, and insert a soundtrack. A convenient timeline greatly simplifies the work with materials.


The app has several universal Perfect Motion templates with different animation effects. However, your choices are not limited to just these preset settings. You can create templates yourself in Adobe After Effects or buy ready-made ones and use them in Rush CC.

Social network optimization

The app fully lives up to its name, and you can edit a video and post it on social networks right from your smartphone. The Share button is available at any stage of the work, and the export options can impress even experienced users. By the way, you can not only post the finished project on your favorite social networks but also transfer it to Premiere Pro if you need more advanced tools.

Color setting

There are over ten color styles in the app that video editors most commonly use. If you want to go beyond these settings, you can use advanced color grading tools. The finished result can be saved as a custom template and used for further work.

Ease of Use

The main advantage of Rush CC is the almost identical interface on all devices. You can start working on your smartphone and continue on your tablet or laptop. In this case, the necessary tabs and buttons will be in the same places, which significantly speeds up the editing process. At the same time, the controls are perfectly optimized for mobile devices.


The developers offer a free app version with limited export options and small cloud storage. You will need an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to get more features. Plan prices differ depending on the functionality you need (starting from $10 and above).

Small App, Big Opportunities

The Adobe Premiere Rush CC functionality makes it a handy tool suitable for both hobbyists and pros. Use this video editor on any device convenient for you at the moment and get great results that are easy to share with the world right away.

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