Airbnb Launches Its Wi-Fi Speed Test for Hosts 

Airbnb Launches Its Wi-Fi Speed Test for Hosts  on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Do you need a good fast Internet when you select a place to stay on Airbnb? If you do your searching online, probably you do. But in the absence of special tools, there is always a chance of disappointment to find out that the Wi-Fi there is not what you call fast. Here Airbnb itself steps in, offering a tool to provide true information about the connection in the property.

Now the Airbnb app itself has a built-in speed test. It takes minutes for the host to measure the actual connection speed and add it to the listing. The test is built upon an open-source solution by M-Lab and powered by Airbnb itself. Given that all the hosts will now have the same base for testing, the results will be much more accurate when it comes to comparison.

While for many travelers Wi-Fi is not crucial, for many it is. Some are leaving their homes to change the environment just to find some inspiration for work. Some people just can’t afford working from home due to personal circumstances. Finally, some just play and stream games, watch Netflix, Prime, Twitch – whatever. Wi-Fi does matter for all of these guests.

The feature will probably spread fast. First, its ease will stimulate its usage by hosts, as it takes just four steps right within the official app. Second, the absence of the speed test verified by Airbnb will soon look suspicious. Do they offer such a poor connection that they don’t want to reveal the details? So far, hosts can add their Wi-Fi speeds manually. But there is no way to check whether the data is true, unless some unsatisfied guest writes about it in a review. Finally, if the host finds out their Wi-Fi speed is unsatisfactory, they can upgrade their equipment and submit the results only after that.

So far, the feature has started rolling out in the United States. But the service is planning to expand it gradually. So it might become available all over the world in the coming weeks. 

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