App Store in 2020 Provided $643 Billion Flow

App Store in 2020 Provided $643 Billion Flow on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Well, Apple has always been vague in its statements about its income. It takes an extraordinary cause (like Apple vs Epic case) to make some information leak out officially. So it happened with App Store reports. While Apple does not want to reveal App Store statistics, it has it all prepared and processed for internal use. And this embraces even the money Apple does not actually get a hold on.

So, when restrictions had to be removed, we have figures. And they show that billings and sales facilitated by App Store reached $643 billion in 2020. It’s about 24% higher than in 2019. The most incredible thing (especially given where this data appeared) is that about 90% of this money did not go through the Apple payment system, leaving no commission for the company. No wonder they don’t like this situation in Cupertino, and the Epic case showed it.

The stats can also lead to some geographical conclusions. For example, China provides about 47% of all this flow, while the US only has 27%. As for various segments and industries, it’s all predictable: digital goods sell better, travels and tourism sales decrease. The most important conclusion, though, is that absolutely every economic sector benefits from apps.

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