Apple's Walkie Talkie's Bug Could Damage Your Privacy

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Apple has shut down its Walkie Talkie app due to a strange bug. This bug allowed other people to eavesdrop on your iPhone calls.

A nosy bug

However, Walkie Talkie ban isn't permanent. Once the Cupertino's company identifies its nature and origin, things will be normal again. That mysterious glitch could be the key to your private phone calls. Luckily, it's been reported by the watchful users. And a tremendous disaster, with thousands of hours of private convos getting leaked, was averted.

The app itself is a clever utility that lets two Apple Watch owners voice-chat with each other. As you know, an iPhone can be synchronized with the Watch. As a result, intruders could hack their way in through this backdoor, learning of your private stuff.

But if you're afraid that your secrets were stolen, hold your fears. Apple promises that nobody managed to capitalize on the vulnerability. And the app was taken down just in time. The company has also apologized for the inconvenience and promised to resume the app's work asap.

To quote the actual statement: "We concluded that disabling the app was the right course of action as this bug could allow someone to listen through another customer's iPhone without consent."

One bad Apple

The iPhone maker has recently dealt with even more problems. For example, MacOS video-messenger Zoom had a fatal flaw too. It's poorly designed link-sharing feature allowed intruders to "force" the Zoom users into joining a group conference.

As a result, they could be spied on through their own web-cameras in real time. Apple had to release an urgent update, trying to keep the calm face. As it's been reported, the root of all evil were the hidden servers put on user's gadgets by the messenger.

Another bug turned out to be comical. FaceApp allowed callers to listen to their contacts before they even could pick up. Who knows how many awkward secrets could be discovered during those days until the flaw was finally cured.

Stay safe

While Walkie Talkie app is still being repaired, we'd like to remind you to be careful about any suspicious bugs. In the software world, everything can be exploited as a means to harm you or your property. Both digital and physical.

Always report if an app behaves strangely. It will keep you safe and also may bring you a certain reward form the developer. E.g., Facebook has a Bug Bounty program, Whitehat.

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