Apps Gone Free: FineScanner, ForagerPro, Tico, Pocket Prep

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Unfortunately, as we all know, not all amazing applications can be installed for free as much as we would like that. But, there are just as many excellent apps that can be downloaded for free, even if this opportunity is given to you temporarily. Here we have chosen some of the most interesting and useful applications that have become free, so we recommend you to check them out!

1. FineScanner

Easy scanning of books and documents with the FineScanner app

FineScanner is a great app for anyone who has to deal with documents on a regular basis. The app is created to turn your phone into a useful scanning tool that allows you to capture various documents or pages of books and save them in the electronic format (JPG or PDF). Once you do this step, you’re able to use the FineScanner app to recognize the text on the scanned pages, thus getting an opportunity to easily edit them. The app will save you a lot of time as you won’t have to type all the information you need manually. You can save the scanned pages in the app and put tags to quickly find them whenever you need. It’s undoubtedly a convenient and simple app for scanning documents on the go.

2. ForagerPro

Staying healthy is easier with meal plans from ForagerPro

Another app that made it to our list of free apps is ForagerPro. The app is designed to help you monitor your diet in the most efficient way whether you want to lose some weight or achieve a specific fitness goal. The application provides you with a large number of meal plans (vegan, bodybuilding, paleo, omnivore, and others) so you can select the diet according to your needs. You can use the recommendations to come up with your own meals using the food items that you already have in your kitchen. Once you install the app on your device, your next step is to submit the information about your body and which results you want to achieve using ForagerPro. After that you will get a meal plan customized specifically for you.

3. Tico

Ensure the safety of your credit card with the Tico app

If you want to feel in control of your finances, then downloading the Tico app is a great idea. The purpose of the application is to make sure that your credit card remains safe, and you are able to notice any suspicious activity as soon as possible. When you use the app, it analyzes how you usually spend your money, thus being able to notice when something goes wrong. All the transactions are arranged to several categories, such as blue (normal), yellow (warning), and red (suspicious). If you notice that a certain transaction is red, you should not hesitate and get in touch with your bank.

4. Pocket Prep CompTIA A+

Preparing for exams can be easier and Pocket Prep is here to help you

Preparing for an exam can be an extremely stressful process, but you can make your studying a lot easier by using apps that are designed to help you. Pocket Prep is an excellent tool that you can use to prepare yourself for the exam to receive the CompTIA A+ (Plus) certification. Using the app, you will be able to learn new information on the go wherever you are. With the free version of the app you get 74 questions with explanations, a guide to test-taking, and some other useful features. If you’re serious about your education, you should certainly consider installing this application and start practicing as soon as possible.

Useful free applications for iPhone users

We’re sure that you can find million other things to spend your money on besides applications, so it’s always nice to install apps for free. These applications that you can currently download for free are quite different, so it all depends on what you need in your life. Whether you want to create a meal plan, scan your documents, monitor your credit card, or prepare for an exam, these applications are just what you need. Hurry up and download them before developers change their minds! 


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