Best 10 Zoom Alternatives To Use In Quarantine

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While stationed at home, we still need human interaction. Work conferences, family gatherings, guild sessions with your World 0f Warcraft mates… There’s so much to talk about! And our selection of the best Zoom alternatives will help to plug the gap in your social life.

Google Duo — Perfect for intimate chats

Google Duo

Max participants: 8

Google Duo is a light and reliable video-messenger. It’s not as impressively capable as its ‘cousin’ Google Hangouts. Though Hangouts app allows having up to 150 people talking at the same time, Duo is limited to just 8 members.

But the app’s apparent weakness is actually a fat plus. The thing is, Google Duo handles call quality like a pro. Even if the bandwidth has fairly decreased or you were forced to downgrade to 3G — Duo will provide a decent picture and reliable performance.

Moreover, all convos in Google Duo are protected with end-to-end encryption. That means your privacy is safely guarded unlike in Hangouts. Another cool feature is the preview call. Whenever someone knocks at your door in Google Duo, you can see a preview of the caller on the other side.

IMO — Simple & reliable


Max participants: 4-6

IMO is like Buick Roadmaster in the world of messengers. Because it works anywhere, anytime. It provides a surprisingly good call picture, even if you have to use 2G. Yes, it still supports this network that many other apps seem to have abandoned.

IMO also supports file transfer — from lossless formats to PDF and JPEG. You also can create chatrooms and host/join live streams. At the moment, 500 million people trust their daily video-chats to IMO. — TeamViewer’s twin

Max participants: unspecified is one of the best apps like Zoom. With you can share your desktop/mobile screen. If you prefer working on the computer, via you can allow one of your colleagues to control the mouse arrow and access your files. This way, many technical issues can be solved pronto. also has such features as:

  • Security lock.
  • Zoom in/out on a shared screen.
  • Smooth conference scheduling.

If you want to discuss some top-secret stuff, is the right platform. A person can join your conference only if they have a 9-digit passcode. This way no intruders or unwanted people will crash your group-call.

Discord — Attention all gamers


Max participants: 50

Discord is a platform that allows creating servers and communities. Initially designed for gamers, they can be dedicated to anything: NY Giants fans, Math 4 Life crew, Association of drama school students, etc.

The app provides solid video-call quality. And in lieu of the COVID-19 outbreak, Discord allows to have group-calls or share a screen with up to 50 people. This generosity will last for a few months until the quarantine is finally over.

WhatsApp — Too big to collapse


Max participants: 4

At the moment, WhatsApp is the #1 messenger in the world. All because it offers smooth performance, high-quality calls, and doesn't harass you with ads. WhatsApp video calls are limited to 4 people for a group. In return, pictures and audio are crystal clear 89% of the time.

Besides, here you can leave voice or video notes, liven up your convos with a bunch of stickers, and transfer media files. If you feel moody or have a great idea/photo to share, WhatsApp Story is at your service as well. (Soon it will be linked to Instagram Stories).

BlueJeans — Denim conversations


Max participants: 25

BlueJeans is more of a corporate tool than an online party app. At the same time, you can shove a whole crowd of your buddies in its video-conference. BJ allows inviting 25 people for free and up to 100 when upgraded to premium (starting with $10).

What instantly grabs your attention is the app’s call quality. In case your connectivity is reliable, you can’t tell if a caller is talking to you in person or not. Eye-soothing blue interface is a plus.

Telegram — From Russia with paranoia


Max participants: 2

Telegram is one of the most trending video calling apps in the world. Although it’s more of a vis-à-vis messenger — you cannot really host a video conference here. At the same time, it’s possible to create a massive group with up to 200,000 members present (!)

Privacy is another reason why TG is loved. Here you can create secret chats, in which all messages, files, voice or video notes will be destroyed over time. Eye-to-eye video calls are of crystal quality and TG promises to never charge a fee or sell your data to greedy corporations. And how about zany video stickers?

Zoho Meeting — Webinar guru

Zoho Meeting

Max participants: unspecified

Zoho Meeting is a tool widely used for hosting online lectures, lessons, webinars, panel discussions, and so forth. Organizing a brainstorm, sharing tips via a webinar or making an interactive presentation — Zoho can pull any serious gig off.

Apart from earnest work stuff, Zoho can also be used for fun. Since the call participants join via an individual link, you can hold a really private ‘inner-circle’ party.

Facebook Messenger — Games, chats, parties

Facebook Messenger

Max participants: 50

This app has been with you since the days when MySpace was still alive. So, no need to reinvent the wheel! Since you probably have an FB account, use the Messenger to host a quarantine party or a virtual family blowout.

You can parlay with up to 50 people at the same time here. Besides, FB Messenger has a nice roster of games to share with friends. Angry Birds, Disney Tsum Tsum, Puzzles & Dragons, Blackjack, and others wait for you to join.

Oovoo — Oh, these memories

Max participants: 12

Oovoo is an upbeat messenger for those who like emotions and fun in their chats. Stylish interface, group calls with 12 members and unique content created by the users — this what Oovoo is all about. The app also offers a unique feature: Oovoo chains. This is a collection of videos, photos and text messages tied together in a sentimental bouquet.

Let’s get it started

While we are trapped in quarantine, there’s no reason not to party. Use one of the apps from this selection and send out invitations. Besides, this might be your last chance: Australian microbiologists seemingly found a medicine that kills COVID-19. So, what is your most favorite messenger to stay in touch? Let us know in the comments!

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