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For some, kitchen is a paradise. For others, kitchen is a hell. If you are mesmerized by the world of sharp carvers, glistening ladles, heavy frying-pans, and fragrant spices, but the real kitchen responsibilities scare you away - our cavalcade of Best Cooking Games for Your Smartphone 2018 will surely intrigue you.


Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay - His gran, could do better (but she's dead)

This game is one huge Hell's Kitchen flashback. A bad one some might add. Your objective here is disgustingly simple: make food, serve customers and keep Gordon Ramsay pleased. Really a walk in the park.

As customers start to flood your restaurant, the fun begins. They make an order - a pretty picture that displays some meal - and you must rapidly select the pictures that symbolize ingredients in correct order, have them cooked and finally delivered. And hurry up because customers don't wait forever.

If you screw up - an avalanche of cussing ensues. If you do everything alright - you still get scolded, since Ramsay is a perfectionist and wants you to be just like him.

However, his swearing is pretty mild in the game and its neat & clean graphics, and upbeat tempo make it quite an addictive pastime. The grinding is also present since you need to make money to buy better gear. As you progress new restaurants with specific cuisines and exotic recipes get unlocked.

Once in a while, you can use the ultra-move that makes Ramsay run around with his buns on fire, serving all the clients in the area in less than 2 seconds.

All in all this friendly game is awesome if you search for a way to spend 15 minutes or so while standing in a long queue.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! - Angry chef simulator

This game isn't just a frantic cook/waiter simulator - no, things are much deeper here. You are expected to serve the client's culinary caprices, gain the reputation of your restaurant back, memorize recipes and somehow keep your sanity intact.

Your mission is to make the restaurant you're running famous once again and it will require a lot of blood, swears sweat and tears.

First of all, you must be sharp about your finances, by choosing the right foods and equipment. For instance, in the beginning, it's reasonable to buy junk foodies that will be "popular" among customers, like burgers, later complementing your menu with healthier and fancier meals. It almost sounds like a strategy game.

Second, your customers can be whimsical for they never order the same meal, always adding some odd alterations that will surely catch you off guard once in a while. And things will even go worse when you have to serve several customers at the same time.

Third, in order to evolve your place from an eatery into a full-blown restaurant, you should keep it squeaky clean. Wash your hands and take out the garbage that has begun stinking already...

The game rarely lets you relax, especially when it's the rush hour: tap on every order until it slowly fades away. Oh, and you must keep every client happy, for all the tips are indispensable. Otherwise, you won't conquer their hearts, blue-chip cooking equipment, and your first gold star. The first one out of five.

Hungry Hearts Diner: A Tale of Star-Crossed Souls -  Soulful kitchen

Hungry Hearts Diner: A Tale of Star-Crossed Souls is perhaps the only meditative cooking game on Earth. Unlike the similar titles, it feels calm, smooth and relaxing, for it lets you choose your own tempo of play.

The plot is quite unconventional as well. You play as a lovely old lady - a rare opportunity - whose husband fell sick. And it's up to her/you now to take care of a humble, quiet Japanese restaurant, into which sometimes wander intriguing characters. With lonely hearts and interesting stories to tell.

The story-telling is a major component of Hungry Hearts - it turns every character form rather a static dummy-NPC into a full-blown personality with desires, hopes, joys, and even nostalgia. Like it or not, but this game makes you look at the people you see in the streets every day in a new light.

The gameplay is fairly undemanding and includes:

  • The energy meter
  • The repertoire of dishes
  • Power-ups, e.g. faster cooking
  • Customer satisfaction meter

Watching 30-seconds ad awards you with bonuses, like Rush Hour, instant energy replenishing, extra money etc.

All in all, it's a truly peaceful and relaxing game with the incomparable atmospherics of sizzling frying-pans and lightly clanging knives. Strongly recommended for people who sincerely enjoy games with romantic elements and meditation.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza - Not enough pepperoni!

"Mama mia!" even if you're not Italian and don't have a gorgeous black mustache, this will become your traditional exclamation after you get knee-deep in GPGP's ruthless pizza business.

The game is inspired by and based upon one of the creator's real-life experience of working at a pizza joint. And frankly, that place seems to be somewhat hellish from what we are presented with in the game.

The customers, although zany and comedic, can be your nightmare with their endless demands and fancies: "Put less mozzarella!", "I ordered vegan, not vegetarian pizza", "Run it through the oven again, I want the damn pie to be extra-crispy!" - these are roughly recreated orders, but you'll be surprised that those are fairly innocent.

Some of the worse orders will demand from you intricate slicing patterns or will be hard to decipher at all. All this pandemonium gets interrupted from time to time by your sworn enemy - the rival pizza-chef Alicante. He, just like Jimmy Pesto from "Bob's Burgers", will regularly come and pester you, envying your success or rejoicing over your failures.

The game itself looks cartoonish but extremely pleasant. Every customer is unique and has exclusive pizza preferences and the background is nicely livened up by the sight of a slowly moving cartoony vehicle.

By the end of a day you count the honestly earned money and invest them into new toppings, decorations and even repairing - the equipment may break due to the round-the-clock working. Here's a tip: you can obtain extra-money and some handy power-ups, like Oil Booster, if you agree to watch ads. Well, everyone hustles the way they can.

The pizza-making itself isn't that hard at all: you simply put the layers, starting with dough together and run the final masterpiece through the oven on a conveyor. But a large disenchantment is that you never get to spin that beautiful pizza dough. Never…

Kebab World - Your greasy adventure

What could be better than a juicy, spicy kebab grilled on charcoals and wrapped in a wheat pita? Well, a lot of things, but this greasy meat angel deserves some recognition too, and your customers in Kebab World think the same.

Gameplay is extremely easy: as your clients approach the till, you can see what kind of kebab they want to order, which is shown in the thought-bubble. Arrange the ingredients in the right order, server the customer, collect the tips and... success!

The more satisfied customers leave, the more profit you make, which in turn allows you to grow your business and unlock new locations to grow your kebab empire even bigger and bigger.

Kebab World may lack some of the clever humor, emotional depth or hardcore strategizing that the above-mentioned games have, but it's utterly satisfying for occasional playing.

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