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Imikimi is getting more popular with each new day. If you somehow don’t know what the Imikimi app offers you, you’ve missed a lot. But don’t worry! We are here to help you. Imikimi is a gigantic online community with billions of people across the world who share their creativity with others by the means of photo frames.

Imikimi free app is available to download on the official app stores of your platforms. Here, on the, we provide you with detail reviews on Imikimi and similar apps. If you want to know more about it, go to our app page.

Top Apps Like Imikimi

Some of these apps are theme-based. You can combine them with Imikimi, and use it on special occasions. They all are photo collage frames, with different features to offer.

Happy Birthday Photo Frames FX

happy birthday photo frame fx screen

The name speaks for itself. This app provides you with numerous birthday frames. It is perfect to make a greeting card to a special person, with two of you on the photo, framed beautifully. Besides, you can create invitation cards for your birthday with the help of the app. The collection of frames is even bigger than Imikimi happy birthday options.

Happy Birthday Photo Frames FX app offers numerous tools. You can adjust photos to the frame, resize them, change colors and tones. It is really simple to use. Enlarge photo with one gesture, move everything with fingertips. Happy Birthday Photo Frames FX is free of charge for a limited period of time. If you believe it is worth to pay for, you may sign up for a subscription.


miframe screenshot

MiFrame is a free of charge mix of photo editor, collection of frames and InstaCollages. It is one of the best photo frames apps with numerous services and special tools that make your photos outstanding. There are tons of different layouts of landscapes, portraits, and 3D, and complete freedom on making as many pictures as you want.

There is an option that allows you to make magazine collages with special templates. You can decide when to cut your collage thanks to the stitch collage option. There is a Text Editor in the app that helps you to make a picture more significant with powerful words. The app is compatible with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

FX Photo Studio Pro

FX Photo Studio Pro screenshot

FX Photo Studio Pro is a professional photo editor that costs $24.99. The price may be high, but it is a one-time payment and you receive numerous advantages for your work. This app was made to help photographers and Instagram stars who earn money from photos.

FX Photo Studio Pro offers more than 170 various filters of high quality. There are hundreds of editing tools that may help you to improve your pictures, borders, and frames for social media. There is a Color Splash tool that masks all the gaps. The app integrates with Photoshop, Aperture, iPhoto, and Lightroom. It has a user-friendly interface.

Distressed FX

distressed fx screenshot

Distressed FX costs $0.99 and offers more than other similar to Imikimi free frames apps. Distressed FX is considered to be one of the best photo filters for this price. The app is a piece of art. It offers you to make something unique from a photo made with a smartphone. All you have to do is take the photo you need and choose the most suitable overlay. In the end, you receive an artwork.

Distressed FX app offers a wide range of textures, but photographers prefer to use the app for landscapes photos editions. The app was developed by Cheryl Tarrant, an artist from Tennessee. She leads her personal Instagram account sharing tips for this app’s use.

Photo Collage Creator

Photo Collage Creator screen

Photo Collage Creator is free of charge collage maker. It contains frames of different shapes, various themes, and fun layouts. It is not a professional tool, but this is a perfect way to create something unique and share it with your friends via social media.

It does not require any knowledge to use it. Pick the image, choose layouts you like from the ones offered by the app, underline your creativity with filters and special effects. If you feel like the photo needs some adjustments, use the photo editor from the app. While Photo Collage Creator free of charge app does not require any payments, it offers in-app purchases with extra tools.

Photo FX Magic Lite

Photo FX Magic Lite screenshot

Photo FX Magic Lite free app does not need an introduction for many creative decorators and social media stars who want to make their photos look fantastic. The app is popular nowadays and is definitely one of the apps like Imikimi, but with more features. You may change the structure of your photos, changing them into drawings or comic book art.

The main features include Clipboard simple transfer, import from the camera or photo album. There are dozens of unique textures and frames for different occasions. You don’t have a limit on editing the photo.

Imikimi Zo

Imikimi zo screen

Yes, you’ve heard it right. This is another creation of the Imikimi company. But since the app offers different stories, themes, and filters, we believe it deserves to be put among apps like Imikimi. Imikimi Zo is also free of charge.

It contains almost all Kimi frames and more great tools. This is another community of artists who volunteer to create special frames and textures for you. The app is simple to use.

Photo Frames And Fx

photo frames and fx screen

The app is free of charge but offers in-app purchases for better photo editions. It offers to make photo frames and share them via social media in one tap. You can improve your photo or make a greeting card in a few minutes.

Photo Frames and FX has more than 50 different layouts for frames. It has over 100 styles for frames. And there are more than 300 stickers that you can use to decorate photos. It does not require extra knowledge from you.

Why do I Need Apps Like Imikimi?

If you love the Imikimi app and don’t want to use any other apps, it is up to you. You don’t have to do this. But, nobody says that you can’t use other Imikimi alternatives at the same time while you are using Imikimi. All you actually need to do is to have enough place for various photo editing apps on your phone. While Imikimi may be considered the best photo frame app for many of us, other apps offer different range of frames, color pallets and so on. If you have your own list of editing apps, share it in the comments with us.

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