Better Living through ChromeOS after an Update

Better Living through ChromeOS after an Update on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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The recent update of ChromeOS is another step up to making it a full-functioned OS, compared to Windows or OS X from an average user’s point of view. Being quite a niche OS until recently, now it’s more popular, so user requests are wider and more diverse. The latest update hardly will be the ultimate game-changer, but still, it has several added features worth reviewing.


A Mixer, a Camera, and a Notification Button

One of the best innovations for all active users is a virtual mixer. No, it’s not a DJ thing. It’s just the dashboard for all the sounds the system produces right now. Remember how hard it sometimes gets to detect where this annoying video sounds? With Media Playback center, introduced in the new ChromeOS, it’s easier. You just need to open it and turn off the source. And then, if you wish, you can take your time to find that video, or just wait until it stops beyond your notice. The center can as well handle multiple sounds playing simultaneously.

Another little improvement that changes the experience is the “Clear Notifications” button. Now it’s just as easy as on an Android phone or tablet. One-click closes all the notifications waiting for your attention.


And surprisingly, close attention was paid to the camera app. It’s hard to imagine a person taking Chromebook cameras too seriously, even if the camera is really decent. Probably you don’t remember these devices, because hardly you cared. For example, the camera has a built-in selfie editor that lets you crop and edit your selfies right after they are taken.

What’s Next?

These steps continue to establish ChromeOS as a best-of-both-worlds solution, adding both mobile and desktop features. As far as we know, the next step will include the support of virtual desktops, something like home screens of mobile devices. So neither will ChromeOS defy Windows, nor Android; it challenges them both.

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