Car Thing by Spotify: What’s That?

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Spotify has recently launched its car player called the Car Thing. It’s perfect for streaming music and podcasts while driving.

The device looks like a simple GPS navigator: a small screen in a plastic case that can be installed on the ventilation deflector or the windshield. Spotify promises to distribute the first batch of players for free to their Premium subscribers around the USA.

To operate Car Thing, you can use voice control and physical buttons or a touch screen. Many users, who already tested the new gadget, note that Car Thing's voice control is a very convenient option to use. However, there are some things, such as switching tracks that you don't like, less convenient than using the Spotify interface on your smartphone. The package includes a 12V adapter, which is used to power the Car Thing from the vehicle's onboard network. In addition, the kit includes a USB-C to USB-A cable and three different mounts.

Spotify has been testing the Car Thing player since 2019. At the same time, the company emphasizes that Spotify remains a streaming platform and does not consider the possibility of releasing a variety of music gadgets. Spotify didn’t state how many units of the device will be given out for free. Also, the company says that Car Thing is a test device, so it is still unknown how the team relates to the product and its future.

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