Clubhouse Now Has Spatial Audio Support

Clubhouse Now Has Spatial Audio Support on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Clubhouse, which made a lot of noise last year, continues to be in demand among users, albeit not so much. The developers try to improve the app and recently announced that it had received support for Spatial Audio. It creates the effect of the real presence of interlocutors, increases audience engagement, and allows you to quickly identify who is speaking at the moment.

On Twitter, the company provided a short snippet of a conversation that allows evaluating this technology’s effectiveness. Spatial Audio strives to bring sound effects as close to reality as possible. Using a gyroscope and accelerometer of devices, it detects the position of a listener’s head and adjusts the sound. Each participant in the conversation is allocated a place in the audio stream. If you turn your head to the side, that person’s voice will remain in place, and you will perceive it differently, just like in real life.

Spatial Audio is currently available to all listeners and some speakers who use wired headphones. It has both pros and some cons. In any case, with the increasing competition and the release of similar voice chats, this move is a great way to keep users interested. Now it feels like they sit among the real audience.

By the way, the number of Clubhouse users continues to grow. So, according to the company, about 700 000 rooms are now open on the platform, which is significantly higher than spring figures. Of course, not all of them are regularly used, meaning that it is impossible to count the number of active users on their basis. According to the latest information (in May), about 10 million people communicate in the application every week. Since the app launch for Android devices, download and usage rates have skyrocketed, especially in India, where this OS is dominant.

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