Clubhouse Reaches Android in May-August

Clubhouse Reaches Android in May-August on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Clubhouse is one of the most anticipated apps among Android users, and it’s finally clear that the release will occur quite soon. The company has hired an Android app developer recently, and the platform’s co-founder Paul Davidson said that the team is working hard to launch the Android version ASAP. Judging by the vague talks and specific launch date absence, the app will come out not earlier than in May, or even in late summer.

Meanwhile, Twitter Spaces is making everything to intercept the Android user base before Clubhouse reaches Play Store. The app is already available and will launch worldwide in April. It seems impossible for Clubhouse developers to make it faster. Davidson says that entering the huge market of Android users and opening the app to larger user bases requires a slow pace. Otherwise, the discovery experience can be spoiled.

To solve these problems, the team plans to introduce a bunch of changes and implement a higher level of control over personalization and notifications. Davidson believes that the new features will save the original experience. Are you waiting for Clubhouse on Android or testing Twitter Spaces already?

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