Deepfake Websites and Apps Popular in 2021

Deepfake Websites and Apps Popular in 2021 on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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The number of apps that help you to create deepfakes significantly increased this year. Users around the world can take pictures and videos, swapping faces and voices. Fake videos become even more realistic and almost impossible to distinguish.

While deepfakes are still a controversial subject, since they are used to create fake news, they can also be used for good. For example, deepfakes can be used in machine learning or film dubbing. You may try it for fun together with friends.

Most Popular Apps

Until you don’t break any laws, deepfake is just a tool of entertainment. Keep in mind that there is a law against spreading fake news, so you can’t spread anything you create calling it real. No matter how tempting it is to see your favorite character in another favorite movie, keep it for personal use only.


This app from China allows you to create advanced deepfake videos. You may spend only several minutes making a new video. It is available on both iOS and Android platforms. However, to get access to the app, you need to be a China resident and have a Chinese phone number.


This is a free-of-charge website that can be used to create deepfake videos and images. Besides, it is full of ideas to make your videos even better. Yet, it has a low resolution that makes the effects you added slightly visible. The website must be run on a powerful computer so it would not be frozen.


It’s a free-of-charge app for iOS and Android mobile phones. You can take your pictures and change the faces with gifs. The app transforms pictures into deepfakes. It provides results in seconds. Still, the quality of the picture that was created relies heavily on your own face’s symmetry.

Entertainment for Family

Deepfakes is an incredibly popular topic of discussion nowadays. No wonder many users want to try their skills in creating new images with the help of smart AI. You can turn your friends and family pictures or videos into something hilarious.

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