Detailed Guidance on Booking Southwest App Award Flights

Detailed Guidance on Booking Southwest App Award Flights on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Southwest Airlines offer their fare based awards system for its customers. They are leaving traditional but old award chart behind. This means that Southwest app users can receive various points for the flight, depending on the destination they choose, demand, fare type, and so on. The administration of Southwest Airlines believes that this system is more rewarding and meets all the requirements of the modern market.  website offers you to check the detailed information about the Southwest app and other similar services. We provide the links on the app stores that lead directly to the page of the app you need. Read our honest reviews and decide whether you want to download this application or not.

A New Award System From the Southwest App

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Southwest Airlines are one of the pioneers when it comes to the fare-based system of awards. Many flying companies still use zone-based or distance-based charts. It is not really comfortable, as basically you will need to follow the strict limitations of a number of miles to earn award flight. Southwest Airlines Company says they offer advanced systems. The redemption is tied to the fare cost.

If you still do not understand how fare-based awards system work, check their official table. It shows the lowest number of Southwest Airlines points that you need for an award flight on a given day. These points number is based on the lowest price of the flight. Beware! This is the same flight we are talking about.

This is a great option for those who have a flexible schedule and can catch fare sales from Southwest airlines. Check all your options on the Southwest Airline app, and make sure you enable notifications about sales. If you prefer to plan your trip ahead, you still may collect all the points that the company offers to you.

Useful Information on Southwest Award Flights

  • There are three types of fare: Business Select, Anytime and Wanna Get Away. They all offer two bags free of charge and no fees for flight cancellation. Business and Anytime require more points than Wanna Get Away. Business fare goes with premium drinks, priority security lane, and boarding.
  • No cancellation or change extra charges. Yes, just like that. It does not matter how you pay, in cash or points, you can freely change dates or cancel your reservation. You will pay the difference of the fare if it exists, but that is all. If you have Wanna Get Away ticket and you want to cancel it, don’t worry. The fare will be recompensed as travel dollars are active for 1 year. Anytime and Business fares will be returned in the form of usual payment.
  • Blackout dates do not exist here. You will not have a problem with a seat you want on this flight. It is also not important how many awards seats the company has sold. Pick the date, arrange the seat, enjoy the flight. If you purchase the tickets in cash, you receive the points.

A-list Status

Southwest Airlines status benefits screen

Southwest Airlines offer various benefits to attract more customers. Besides points, you can also check their A-List and A-List Preferred options in the Southwest Airline app for android. After you fly some number of miles, you can receive Companion Pass.

A-List status includes passengers who have 35 000 tier points in a year or fly 25 qualifying segments in one way. These clients receive priority in boarding, check-in, and even security lane access. They can use 25 earning bonuses and free standby on the same day. There is a whole phone line for a-listers.

A-List Preferred

This is the highest status that you can receive for 70 000 tier points or 50 qualifying flights. The members of this “elite club” have all the benefits of a-listers plus 100 percent earning bonus and free Wi-Fi inflight. How do you like this offer?

Companion Pass from Southwest

Companion Pass is a special offer from Southwest. Members of Rapid Rewards who warn 110 000 qualifying points of flew 100 qualifying segments receive this pass. You can appoint your travel friend who will be able to fly with you without paying for tickets. This pass works for one year after it was given.

But if you don’t know whether you will be able to receive so many points, just relax. You can earn these points via other companies co-branded to Southwest. However, you need to check their requirements as well.

Credit Cards

Southwest Airlines offers its own Credit Cards. They are convenient for clients who want to earn Companion Pass or just load some Rapid Reward points. They offer three different credit cards: Plus, Premier, and Priority. They mainly offer the same signup bonus system. Each time you use these cards to buy something, you receive 1 point for a dollar or 2 points for a dollar on purchases from Southwest.

  • Plus Credit Card offers its services for $69 per year and gives you 3 000 extra points on the anniversary of your account.
  • Premier Card requires $99 for a year and offers 6 000 points for you.
  • Priority Card will cost you $149 for a year. It gives you 7 500 points, $75 credit on travel from Southwest, and 20 percent cut on in-flight purchases.

If you want to receive even more points on your flights, order Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business Credit Card or Performance business credit card. Premier card gives you 60 000 points after you spend $3 000 during the first 3 months. Performance card offers you 80 000 points, right after you spend $5 000.

Do You Need These Awards?

Actually, after you find out how to check-in Southwest via the app, the second thing you need to do is learn about the benefits that this company offers its clients. Usually, we don’t have time to check its bonuses, sales, special offers. And it is too bad. While we skip this information, our sneaky friends already use Southwest cards, earn new points, and sign up their relatives to fly with them for free.

The point here is not to rush with skipping offers that you see on the southwest app or their official website. Check the information, but don’t agree on anything blindly. You may consider subscribing for a package deal or using the smart approach in booking your flights so you will have more points. It all depends on the frequency of your flights, your working schedule, your ability to change plans. If you have already used the Southwest Airlines awards system, share your experience with us in the comments.

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