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WhatsApp is about to introduce you to a new option, the disappearing messages. If you are still not excited, you may reconsider it after your old messages start to disappear. Apparently, WhatsApp messages will now have an expiration date. After some time, they will disappear.

The Future is Coming

The new feature is in beta testing right now. If everything goes smoothly, users of the app will be able to create messages that disappear in the group chats. The code of the app right now suggests setting the time for the disappearance. You can change it to five seconds and up to an hour. When the time passes, messages disappear from chat.

Group Chat Vs. Private Messages

For now, WhatsApp officials work only on expiration features for messages sent in the group chat. However, tech analysts believe that WhatsApp is planning to expand the services on private messages as well. It all depends on the results of the tests. Group members can toggle the tool in group settings to switch the feature on and off. For now, this feature is unavailable even for beta users. If you want to know more, you will have to wait for the upcoming news.

An Old Idea

WhatsApp developers were not the first ones who came up with this idea. The success of disappearing Stories in Snapchat made the expiration date the new trend in social media. The whole idea of disappearing messages raises the level of protection for users. They feel more secure knowing that their correspondence will disappear after some time.

Facebook, the parent company, is also focused on raising the level of privacy and security for its users. The expiration date decreases the number of views. If users choose to save the correspondence, they simply don’t have to do anything.

Will the New Feature Improve WhatsApp's Reputation?

Probably not. It may fix some of the issues. But after it was caught on spreading fake news via its platform, it is hard to restore back its reputation. For example, users in India blame the app for spreading fake information that started lynchings of the mobs. After the mass shootings that took place in the USA, WhatsApp was caught on spreading misinformation. To prevent further fake news, WhatsApp developers decided to use machine learning to ban all the misleading information.

Are You Waiting for a New Feature?

WhatsApp is trying to level up its security by constantly improving its features. Do you think it will help users to feel more secure if they are able to check the expiration date of their message? Do you use WhatsApp messenger? If not, tell what is your favorite messenger and why.

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