Facebook Boosts Business Messaging on WhatsApp and Instagram

Facebook Boosts Business Messaging on WhatsApp and Instagram on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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As Facebook representatives said this week at the F8 Refresh conference, new ways for businesses to contact customers are coming to Facebook-owned Instagram and WhatsApp. After cross-platform messaging and the scandalous terms revision on WhatsApp, here come new possibilities for entrepreneurs using these methods of advertising and communicating.

Nine out of ten Instagram users follow at least one business. This embraces billions of customers and millions of users, making messengers and social media already a perfect environment for business contact. How does Facebook make it even better?

Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook F8 Conference

One of the ways is introducing new types of messages – like alerts that an item the customer once viewed is now available again, or its price has dropped. On the other hand, Login Connect is the way to protect users’ privacy, granting their admission to receive messages from certain businesses.

Facebook also plans to introduce new tools for data researchers. Now they may make more use of stats across pages, groups, and posts popularity among various strata of users.

As Facebook (as well as other major Internet companies) now has to adapt to the new privacy-concerned reality, these are probably not the last tools and innovations we are about to witness.

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