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When you see a post on Facebook, you see the comments left by other users and the number of people who reacted to it. The more people like your post, laugh, cry, or get angry, the more popular this post appears. But this measure of popularity may be gone soon; at least, Facebook is ready to experiment with it.

No More Like-O-Meter: Don’t Compare

Like chasing is a bad thing; so they think of Facebook. Creating quality content means more than just trying to get popular. That’s how managers of Instagram (owned by Facebook) explained why in August, they tested a similar feature when only the author of the post could see how many people like it.

It hasn’t been officially announced by Facebook until the feature was discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, a data miner who suddenly saw likes number gone from posts in the feed. Then the company reacted, confirming that it considered such an idea.

The feature is still to be tested. So far, as Wong reports, the likes of the original post are hidden, but those under the comments are still exposed.


As Facebook says now, the company was “excited” by the first results it has after trying hiding likes on Instagram. Probably this feature will come to Facebook soon, at least as an experiment. It implies that you should not write and post what people will like, to have a contest with opinion leaders. Just write and post what you consider right.

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