Facebook Plans to Create A Wristband that Reads Your Mind

Facebook Plans to Create A Wristband that Reads Your Mind on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Do we really need to use the device that reads our minds to control other devices? Nice job, Facebook! Try harder. And yet, we definitely have to look at this one. Apparently, when we thought that Facebook was reading our mind to send us targeting ads, we were wrong.

What do We Know so Far?

Facebook company has recently revealed buying CTRL labs, famous for its research in the area of the human mind and its way to communicate with AI sending brain signals. A few days ago the biggest social media portal revealed the plan to build unique wristbands which will help their users to control electronic devices with a thought.

While it may sound like something from a B-rated sci-fi show, we have already heard about similar intentions many times. And let’s not forget that Elon Musk is already working on his own way to tame the beast called AI. Now, when they have CTRL labs, bought for $1 billion, we can expect the magic wristband that helps us to communicate with computers via brain signals.

People Behind the Plan

The recent announcement came from Andrew Bosworth, the Vice President of the Virtual and Augmented Reality department on Facebook. He shared his statement via the post on Facebook. According to him, the time to treat their users has come. This way, they will help many people to find a new way of communicating with technology.

Do you agree with Bosworth? Will you wear this wristband? Tell us your opinion on the upcoming device in the comments below.

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