Fantasian Part 2 Arrives on Apple Arcade August 13

Fantasian Part 2 Arrives on Apple Arcade August 13 on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Fantasian, an RPG developed for Apple devices, became for many players a reason to subscribe to Apple Arcade. It was critically acclaimed and enjoyed by millions of players. Now it’s time for the sequel. The second part of Fantasian will be available on Apple devices today.

Hironobu Sakaguchi (known as one of the Final Fantasy series creators) does not even try to mask the connection, intendedly choosing an indecently reminiscent name for his projects. He has long ago left Square Enix and founded his own company named Mistwalker. The new studio did an incredible job over Fantasian; for example, it created over 150 physical dioramas and digitized them for the in-game landscapes. The incredible visuals can justify the entire subscription for fans of quality video games, ensuring them that mobile devices are more able than they seem.

The story is not that original: the protagonist Leo is an amnesiac (a convenient assumption!) who suddenly finds himself in the middle of the war between good and evil. What happens next is quite a typical JRPG, though a little adjusted to global tastes, yet it makes fans want more. Its details make the game come alive - details like exact timing it takes to defeat enemies, or a dimengeon able to contain random monsters if you don’t want to bother, or a refined turn-based combat system. Simpler games than Final Fantasy cope with introducing newcomers to the JPRG genre better.

The second adventure in the series does not come as a separate app. Instead, all you have to do is update Fantasian on your iPhone/iPad/Mac (or even on Apple TV). After the update, the next adventure will be automatically unlocked containing all the content. Like all the games on Apple Arcade, Fantasian comes with no microtransactions or ads. So, let’s hope this update (announced much earlier this year) is not the final Fantasian.

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