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It was announced recently that the Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis would be a mobile game. The developers plan to release it in 2022. This game will be an addition to the previous Square Enix projects. So, it will have the original game storyline with similar characters. Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will be a single-player application. Several episodes will include the main game events and compilation titles.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

The game will be available on both Android and IOS. If you’re an FFVII fan, this second mobile application will be a pleasure to you, thanks to the high-level graphics and gameplay. Besides the main characters, the developers also provide the new and old locations. Although this game is single-player, you will interact with various game monsters

Ever Crisis didn’t announce the exact release date, we only know that we should wait until 2022. During this time, you can enjoy the Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade. It was introduced recently and represented a great edition of the FFVII games.

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