Finally, Clubhouse Makes It to Android

Finally, Clubhouse Makes It to Android on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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If you still needed the reason to build your uniqueness on your iPhone, Clubhouse was one. Until recently: on May 8, the statement made it official that Clubhouse is coming to Android. Before that, there have been third-party client apps that did the job somehow, but for obvious reasons not making it to the market.

Now, the official client is already under testing in the US, the market where Clubhouse wants to spread first of all (like it was on iOS). It’s long overdue, in fact: rivals like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, or Twitter, let alone Discord, introduce their audio-only chat rooms, delivering the same experience to those unable or unwilling to use Clubhouse. The developers say that Android users will enjoy the same experience as those on iPhones and iPads, meaning that the new app will be compatible with a wide array of Android devices, including budget and obsolete ones.

The ace Clubhouse still has up its sleeve is speakers. Getting someone like Elon Musk to talk publicly on your network is an advantage. But can it add more of such persons, as it comes to Android? In developing markets like India or Africa, with smaller share of Apple devices – probably yes. The established ones are harder to reach, though there are still many people ready to be heard but not seen.

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