First Paralympics Mobile Games Coming in June

First Paralympics Mobile Games Coming in June on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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The Pegasus Dream Tour by JP Games will become the first game ever that covers paralympic tournaments. The game was created with support from the International Paralympic Committee and Bridgestone for iOS and Android.

Players can use their smartphones to scan their faces and generate 3D avatars within the game. Every player can also choose prosthetic legs, arms, and wheelchairs to match themselves with their real-world condition or to simulate the experience. After setting up a character, players can explore the open-world Pegasus City, meet other people, and take part in various virtual paralympic tournaments, such as football 5-a-side, precision-ball-sport boccia, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, badminton, and athletics.

Similar to games like FIFA, The Pegasus Dream Tour features famous para-athletes in each of the available disciplines and all players will be able to interact with them. You can already watch the full game trailer on YouTube and pre-register in the game. The virtual city will open on June 24. How do you like the idea of bringing paralympic games into virtual space? We think it’s a groundbreaking game and it deserves your share of the news on social networks!

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