Fractional Blackouts Take Hours on Twitter and TweetDeck

Fractional Blackouts Take Hours on Twitter and TweetDeck on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Twitter has faced short-term blackouts, which actually lasted for seven hours, according to the company. During this time Twitter users could not make posts and access some content. However, the company assured that they are working on the problem.

What to Do?

According to Twitter representatives, users will be able to use their services in the nearest hour, and there will be no limitations. They revealed the information on the official account of the support team. And if you have any problems with your Twitter account, just wait for a few minutes. Twitter bosses thanked their devoted audience for understanding.

What Happened?

Everything that has happened with Twitter during the blackouts can be seen in the history section. There is a category called “partial service disruption”. According to this section, Twitter started its own investigation of the problem at 8:23 AM UTC. However, an account of the support says that the company has been working on the problem for several hours.

Users from across the world are trying to get to the support team, describing the same problem. Asian and European users were sending reports on the problems with viewing some pages and tweeting. The main problems that were reported are the inability to post certain content like media and polls. Other Twitter users say they can post texts but still have problems with them.

Some users can’t see the replies. Other people were complaining about problems with the Android version of the Twitter app. All the popular topics are down.

According to Twitter officials, they are having problems with Twitter and TweetDeck, an alternative client. Users can’t view DM as well. No other information was revealed.

Conspiracy Theory

Ok, is it just us or the current blackouts may be somehow connected to the full hour complete outage in July? Back then, they called the problem in internal configuration change. The same summer they rolled out huge redesign of Twitter. What do you think about it? Give us your crazy and wild theories in the comments!

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