Fresh News From Tesla: Netflix, YouTube, and Karaoke

Fresh News From Tesla: Netflix, YouTube, and Karaoke on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Good news for all Tesla car owners! Soon you will be able not to just drive your car to work or home, but also engage in different entertaining activities like karaoke. While this is definitely a game-changer for the car industry, in general, many of us are worried whether the idea to entertain drivers on the road is safe enough.

What did Tesla Say?

Tesla Company has announced this Thursday that they are going to update the software of their cars. It is going to be Version 10. According to this announcement, new features in the latest update will include Caraoke, a special set of tools that will show songs and lyrics library in various languages on the center console of the car.

What is Version 10?

Version 10 is already called the biggest update of Tesla’s software. The company itself says that it is proof that Tesla continues to care and evolve over time. The detailed post on the upcoming update appeared in the official blog of Tesla.

The company sold 95 000 cars in three months, ending June with a profit. But since then, it struggles to raise the profit for the next quarters. Tesla economists forecasted that they will grow the income in September, finishing this quarter. It may be possible if the update will be accepted by the clients.

Other Features that Tesla Offers

Tesla Smart Summon navigation

Tesla represented smart navigation via the parking lot. It is called “Smart Summon”, and it can drive the car with no one inside. There is only one condition: the car can park itself as long as it is in the owner’s sight. Smart Summon will be available to those Tesla owners who bought enhanced autopilot or self-driving capability.

Tesla assures that this is a new great feature, especially if you have a full shopping cart with products or you don’t want to walk to the car in the rain. In this case, use Smart Summon, and the car will drive itself. Tesla stresses that even when the car uses autopilot, you still have to monitor surroundings and be able to take all the responsibility.

Entertainment in Your Car

netflix streaming in tesla car

Tesla owners of Model 3, X or S from now on will be able to watch their favorite movies, podcasts, and TV shows on YouTube, Hulu or Netflix. However, they will be able to do this while they are parked. The accounts of these streaming services will be connected to the center console.

If everything goes smoothly, and Tesla owners love the new service, Tesla plans to add more entertaining options. Clients in China will be able to connect to Tencent Video and iQiyi. They did not share which streaming services they have in mind for the next update.

Besides the entertainment, there will be tutorials from Tesla. Owners of cars will be able to learn more about their cars, watching the center console. Tesla executives have already mentioned these video tutorials as their priority in the past. Customers, according to the company, usually visit their centers to find out how to use the autopilot.

Tesla also states that it is going to add more options in the music section. There may appear Spotify Premium access. Besides, they will add more games to the Tesla Arcade service.

The navigation system will help to find the closest restaurant or café after you activate “I’m feeling hungry” feature. You don’t even need to search for anything on the map. The company confirmed that they have been working on these services and successfully testing them.

When and Where?

Tesla representatives ensured that the new update will be released in the future. This means that all Tesla owners will be able to update their software. The feature is optional, and you can choose whether you want it or not. Are you eager to see the new options offered by Tesla?

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