Giphy And TikTok Will Join Forces

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Popular DIY music video platform and the biggest sticker & GIF hub will work together. This strategy will help attract more users to both apps.

Tiptop TikTok

TikTok is a smash hit and one of the hottest mobile trends. It's an app in which you can shoot improvised, short music videos. Both funny and serious. You can create an original soundtrack/song, but 90% of the TikTok's audience prefer borrowing famous or obscure tunes. Thanks to the platform, such songs as Shooting Stars by Bag Riders, Tiesto's BOOM and Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody conquer new listeners.

For TikTok, which is a Chinese company, this is the first experiment with the 3d party sticker & GIF content. Besides, there is no "big money" involved, according to the app's spokesperson. All the operation has been done "to continue enhancing our creative tools with this integration." And Giphy's animated memes and keyboard are the best candidates.

A Giphy button will be added to the app, allowing you to attach a sticker to a freshly made video. They will refer to the TikTok's culture and its most epic moments. To discover more content, simply type in #getGiphy.

Goofy Giphy

Giphy, in turn, will integrate TitkTok-powered GIFs. The app's users will be able to turn their music videos into animated/ looped snippets. As well as the most iconic and recognizable TikTok memes will be added to Giphy's library.

However, there's a small downside: the app won’t index these original memes. Which means they won't be browsed in the search results. If you want to promote your meme artistry and make it be seen by a wide audience, you'll have to invest some effort into creating a verified Giphy channel.

At the moment, such well-known GIFers as @BenOfTheWeek and @DreaKnowBest were invited to contribute their efforts to the project.

What's Next?

Currently, TikTok is the 8th iOS and 12th Android most popular application. It doesn't disclose how many fans it has in total, though. Hands down, it's wildly popular among teens, young people, and even adults. But most of its jokes and memes are a little overplayed. And the top popular tunes include the same No Mercy or this weird song in Japanese featuring two parlaying girls.

Joining forces with Giphy is a good strategic move for the company. Right now, labels want to change music-licensing terms they previously had with that was purchased byTikTok.

In future, we will see more partnerships featuring the video-streaming platform because music licensing won't be cheap. And we all remember what happened to Vine that had a similar format.

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