Godzilla vs. Kong in the New PUBG Mobile Update

Godzilla vs. Kong in the New PUBG Mobile Update on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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It was Godzilla vs. Kong that proved that cinema theaters still stand the competition with streaming even in the pandemic times. The clash of the titans seems to be over in movies (as Legendary Pictures shows no interest in continuing its Monsterverse), but there are other battlegrounds for these giants. For example, PUBG.

But if you already imagine being a giant monkey or a radioactive dinosaur among those miserable humans, you may be disappointed. These enormous creatures will rather represent the nature itself. Kong, Godzilla, or Mechagodzilla (all featured in the aforementioned movie) will randomly appear on the map and smash everything around, including both the environment and the players. It would be a great show to see them versus each other (if you survive the falling debris).

Should you rather stay away from them? No, risk pays, as any of these monsters will drop energy crystals. Pick them up, and you will benefit in different ways. You can use them as weapons versus other players or as boosts for your abilities. So it makes as much sense as it’s fun. If you think one movie was not enough for these big appearances, PUBG will satisfy your wish for more giants.

The monsters have arrived with the 1.4 update, available since May 11. So update your PUBG app and join the fight in the shadow of the most feared creatures ever seen on Earth. These special guests will stay with you throughout the season, until June 8. And if you give PUBG some time after May 25, you will witness Titan Last Stand, one of the most spectacular events in PUBG’s history.

Along with these monsters, the update brings new features like over-the-shoulder view, another Arena map, Coup RB vehicle, and others. If you log in between May 11 and May 16, you’ll receive a solid bonus in ace gold and battle points, as well as a new “Banana Bonanza” item. So, stay with PUBG, which grants you lots of surprises this season!

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