Google Maps Improves Its Route Building Feature

Google Maps Improves Its Route Building Feature on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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It will be much easier now to build a correct route to your destination with Google Maps, no matter how complicated it is. New algorithms let you combine walking, biking, public transport, and ridesharing to get where you need. Within weeks, Google will roll out this new feature for Android and iOS users, but it’s been already tested by lucky few.

Bikes, Trams, and Automobiles

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As great as Google Maps has always been at building routes within a certain type of transportation (public transport, walking, or ridesharing), it’s always been a problem to combine these methods. And, in fact, it’s a frequent situation when you use both within the same ride. Say, you take a bus from your home to some point in between, because they appear frequently and get there in time. But the next part of your journey is more complicated and less reliable if you stick to public transit. So it may make sense to grab an Uber to hurry up.
These combined methods have never been an option in Google Maps… until now. The recent update lets you use various modes of transportation within the same route. This feature will save both your time and money, allowing you to walk or bike where you can, take public transit where it makes sense, and only call Uber where it’s really the only way.

How to Use Transit in Google Maps

If you want to try the new mode, all you need to do is the following:
1. Launch your Google Maps app.
2. Enter your destination and let it detect your location.
3. Tap “Directions” at the bottom of the screen.
4. Select the “Transit” tab.
5. Read the suggested routes and select the most preferable one for you.

This algorithm will work on both Android and Apple devices.

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