Google meet call duration is now limited

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If you are a free user of Google Meet, you might notice a change to the maximum duration of your call. The new restriction was introduced by Google at the beginning of July. Before that time, non-subscribed members were able to enjoy unlimited calls via the service, which had been made publicly available in mid-2020. The initial end date for the perk was once postponed. However, free Google Meet users won’t be able to talk for more than 60 minutes in a row now.

The restriction applies to calls involving at least 3 participants. Everyone taking part in the call will get a notification five minutes before the termination to make it less abrupt. Longer calls will require an upgrade in the user’s Google account. Instead, one-to-one calls remain unlimited in duration for both enterprises and individuals. Luckily, the company has recently launched its flexible Workspace Individual subscription plan, offering unlimited calls and more for 9.99 USD monthly.

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